Longview’s RV restoration business attracts attention from TV shows

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) — A Longview company is attracting attention from national television broadcasts. One network has already done a shoot, and two more will be on stage for different shows in the coming months.

According to Ethan Langley, owner of American RV Restoration, business is booming.

“We have caravans here; we have trailers there. We have almost 41 here in the field and have booked until March for just about anything to be honest with you,” Langley said.

And a while ago he got a call from a popular A&E TV show.

“Maritime Wars,” Langley said.

And they think it has TV-worthy content. But how did they know about Ethan?

“People like you, Jamey. Friends, family, I mean, said a lady, uncle you know him and you talked to him. It starts like that and it gets crazy,” Langley said.

And Shipping Wars brought the crazy, the last days of 2021, when they sent a crew for a shoot of Ethan and his workers.

“It was really cool. They released a bunch of Jameys. So they were everywhere and they filmed for two days in a row, from sunrise to sunset. And we got to enjoy the TV magic that I don’t see normally,” Langley said.

And it looks like he’ll be seeing more behind the scenes soon.

“We have a few others we are working with right now. The Travel Channel; I’m doing a documentary across the United States in a trailer we’re working on and maybe another shoot with Discovery. You never know in this business. Every day is different,” Langley said.

About a year ago, another network approached him.

“Well, they wanted to do a reality series, but they wanted to do it with the crew and the family and everyone here. So it was going to be a 24/7 type deal, and we didn’t really want to get into any of that. We’ve got so many dreams to fulfill for these people here that we haven’t had time for that,” Langley said.

So they passed on that one. But one-off show shoots? Well, he can do that, but he can’t really talk about content.

“Some networks we have to sign different; two-year contract on one, one-episode contract on the other. So different networks, different things,” Langley said.

And another different thing is a stagecoach that his team airbrushed. He will be featured on the show “1883” on another network.

Langley hasn’t been given an exact date when the Shipping Wars episode will take place, but he’s guessing within the next two months.

Langley said several other shows and magazines have also shown interest in his business. He said some magazines will arrive next month.

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WEBXTRA: Longview’s RV restoration business attracts attention from TV shows

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