Sci-Fi TV Shows The Emmys Snubbed

Being one of the four most important American awards ceremonies for the entertainment industry, the Emmys are a big deal for everyone. That’s why when particular shows that have been particularly well received by viewers don’t get proper credit for their success, fans tend to take it personally.

The first Emmys were awarded to Los Angeles-based shows in 1949, before the awards show became a national event, which likely made it easier for all shows to be recognized. Today, of course, it’s a different story as the range of American entertainment sources recognized by the Emmys has multiplied. This fact alone makes it inevitable that there will be disagreements over decisions. With the advent of streaming networks, TV series have grown in popularity, and streaming networks are constantly scrambling to create the next fan-favorite, award-winning, pop culture-influencing series. As a result, more and more great series are released, making it difficult to recognize all worthy candidates.


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The fact remains that a few series have such undeniable success that it almost seems wrong to overlook them for certain nominations. The 2022 Emmy nominations in particular have viewers everywhere talking. In a year full of TV moments as impressive as season four of stranger thingsit was clear that the year was going to be difficult, but the result of some nominations was simply surprising.

Many fantastic and popular shows have been nominated this year, such as squid game, estate, and Euphoria. At the same time, there were enough popular shows that deserved more credit than they got, leaving some fans confused and even angry. In particular, the sci-fi genre as a whole hasn’t received as much recognition as it perhaps should have this year.

There were a few sci-fi series that made the nominations list, but not as many as expected after this year’s performances. In fact, only two sci-fi shows, Breakup and strange things, received a decent number of nominations. Even then, while the shows received a few nominations, they didn’t receive several that fans were sure would make it.

Beyond that, sci-fi stories that received negligible nominations included fan favorites such as station eleven; Loki; What if…?; The Boys Present: Diablo; Love, Death + Robots; star wars visions; Star Trek: Strange New Worlds; Snowdrops; The Book of Boba Fett; Star Trek: Picard; Cowboy Bebop; and Foundation. While that may seem like a lot of shows, many of them have only received 1-2 nominations. Those low numbers were surprising for most of these shows, but especially for fan favorites like station eleven and Boba Fett’s Book. These combined snubs make it clear how little credit the sci-fi genre as a whole received this year, given the success and popularity of many sci-fi works of the year.

Focusing on the shows with the most nominations, there were several factors that made even their number unsatisfactory. stranger things received 13 Emmy nominations, and while that’s not a bad amount, none of the nominations were for cast performances in Season 4. This upset fans as several of the performances in the intense two-part season were very emotional – so much so that the actor even improvised a few lines and actions in the heat of the moment. People were not only disappointed, but also angered that the show’s talented actors didn’t receive proper Emmys recognition after literally crashing Netflix due to viewer turnout.

About break, which earned 14 nominations, it’s one of those shows that falls into the genre-mixing category, giving it an edge over what concepts and moods it could cover. That said, what makes it impressive is that it’s only in its first season. It’s no doubt a testament to his potential, but it’s also what surprised a lot of people that he got as much recognition as he did. On that note, some are wondering if it deserved more credit than other series this year, considering even its creators were surprised it got nominated as many times as it has.

Even worse than not getting the nominations you want or expect, there are no nominations. There are several great sci-fi shows with great performances and features from 2022 that didn’t get Emmy recognition at all. Some of these series include Haloand The man who fell to earth.

This certainly isn’t the first time the Emmys have snubbed shows in the sci-fi genre, as last year many fans were upset at the lack of nominations given to The Expanse. While there’s a slew of shows going on between cable networks and streaming services, and it makes sense that naming is getting harder and harder, it still seems like sci-fi as a whole is being overlooked. .

Over the past five years, given the frightening and confusing scientific realities we have experienced, such as COVID and global warming, people are turning more than ever to scenarios that focus on the future of science. As a result, the science fiction genre has become more popular and more and more successful series are being made in the genre. In that case, it’s such a shame that more sci-fi series weren’t included in Emmy nominations.

Still, the number of Emmys versus the number of shows airing content each year is a huge difference and there’s simply no way with this structure that all worthy shows will receive credit. At the pace at which the awards ceremony unfolds, she may have no choice but to increase her number of nomination categories or divide the ceremony into parts to properly assign credit where the credit is due. Until then, people will continue to tune in to the Emmys and continue to hype or fight for their favorite shows when they don’t get the proper credit.

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