10 Most Anticipated TV Shows Coming To Netflix In Fall 2022

The days are about to get colder and shorter, the leaves will soon turn orange, and the nights will be the perfect time to snuggle up on the couch under a blanket so you can catch some new TV shows.

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Netflix’s fall releases will debut with a bang with a range of TV shows that are both gripping and heartwarming. From super cute animated cat-dog hybrids to a fresh and spooky take on the Addams Family from the spirit of Tim Burtonthe streaming service will have all your needs covered as the finest time of the year rolls around.


‘Wednesday’ (expected end of 2022)

Tim Burton hasn’t been in the entertainment business since 2019 Dumbo. He’s back better than ever with the new TV show for Netflix, Wednesday. Burton is the king of all things dark, ethereal, and gothic, and it’s almost a surprise he hasn’t conquered the macabre family themselves yet: The Addams Family.

The new trailer reveals the unique setting Burton created for his version of the Addams Family. Instead of following the whole family, the series will focus on their teenage daughter Wednesday, in all her weird and unusual gothic. In this spin-off, Wednesday Addams will attend Nevermore Academy, where she will attempt to master her psychic abilities and solve a murder connected to her family’s past.

‘Fakes’ (September 2)

If you like the spirit of Emily in Paris and looking for a new teen drama to watch instead, Counterfeits will be right up your alley. Jax Media and the producers of Emily in Paris are behind the show, and each half-hour episode is sure to bring the comedy and zeal of being a teenager in the dark underbelly of 2022.

Featuring by Riverdale Emilie Baranac and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Jennifer Tong, the series will follow teenage best friends, Zoe and Becca, as they accidentally build their own fake ID empire. When their business begins to boom, their criminal life gets a little too out of control.

‘Devil in Ohio’ (September 2)

by Netflix Devil in Ohio will be sure to satisfy all of your suspense and thriller needs when it releases in September. This limited series is set to release with eight episodes and is based on the 2017 Daria Polatin novel of the same name. For fans of Bonesthe show features Emily Deschanel in her prime as a psychiatrist, alongside a talented newcomer, Madeline Arthur.

The series will follow the story of a girl named Mae, who is a survivor of a Satanist cult. After escaping, she takes refuge in her psychiatrist’s house, but multiple strange events begin to throw the house into chaos. The family begins to suspect that Mae is the cause of it all, and after looking into her past, they soon have to fight for their survival.

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‘Bee and Puppycat’ (September 6)

bee and puppy is not a new series for anime fans. The series grew out of a web pilot in 2013, followed by a Kickstarter-funded first season released in 2014-2016. The anime show was a huge hit and was picked up by Netflix for an official second season. It will be paired with remakes of episodes from the first season so new fans can catch up.

Created by Natacha Allegri, the series revolves around Bee, an unemployed young woman, who encounters a mysterious creature known as Puppycat. Puppycat is a cat-dog hybrid, and once Bee adopts her, the pair go on a mission to find temporary jobs to pay the rent. But these aren’t just any jobs – these bizarre missions take place in strange worlds across outer space.

“The Imperfect” (September 8)

Sci-fi fans are in for a treat with September The imperfect. With the creators of the critically acclaimed film order at the bar, Denis Heaton and Shelley Erikson, it’s sure to be a sci-fi delight. The series will consist of 10 one-hour episodes and delve into the world of controversial gene therapy.

The TV show is called a ‘come of rage’ story and will follow three young people in their twenties. Drama and chaos surround them following an experimental gene therapy that goes awry and turns them into monsters. They unite to hunt down the scientist who caused their transformations so he can turn them into humans.

‘Heartbreak High’ (September 14)

It’s been two decades since beloved Australian teen drama, Raised from heartache, ended. Fortunately, Netflix filmed a reboot, and it’s just as progressive as the original. The show has been praised for compassionately exploring the adolescent experience and topics that are still hard to describe today.

Although not as dark and gritty as Euphoriathe show is sure to fill the drama void in mature teens who Euphoria left-wing fans. The series will follow high school students as they navigate their reputations, first loves, gender, and heartbreak. The season begins with the discovery of a secret map that lists all encounters throughout the school year. In an effort to curb hypersexual students, the school requires all of them to attend a sexual literacy program.

“The Brave” (September 16)

The brave is part dramatic, part supernatural and lots of stunning cinematography. The show will bring to life the stories and legends of ancient African gods, as well as a stunning story of revenge packed with action and compelling motives.

The series is set to take place in the parallel worlds between modern South Africa and the supernatural world of African gods and divine beings. The show will follow an all-powerful goddess who is reincarnated as a young woman in South Africa. She must harness her divine powers to avenge her sister’s death and protect her family from danger and destruction.

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‘Santo’ (September 16)

With the popularity of breaking Bad and Narcos, Netflix will bring fans a new drug-fueled TV series this fall. This crime drama will revolve around two cops who must learn to work together and understand each other in order to solve a big case and stay alive.

The series deals with a drug dealer named Santo, whose face has never been revealed. The two police officers who pursue him, Millán and Cardona, are radically opposed but must collaborate to solve the mystery and the desperate hunt for this vicious international drug trafficker. Not knowing what he looks like turns out to be an almost impossible task.

‘Entergalactic’ (September 30)

If the incredible animation of entergalactic hasn’t sold you on the show yet, this star-studded series will feature talent such as Kid Cudi, Timothée Chalamet, Jaden Smithand Macaulay Culkin. This highly anticipated adult animated show houses a unique and distinctive art style, in the same vein as 2018’s Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse.

entergalactic will follow the story of Jabari, a young artist who is on the verge of success. He moves into his dream apartment and eventually grows closer to his beautiful and cool neighbor, Meadow. His life seems to be going extremely well, but now he must figure out if there is room for love. The series will also contain Kid Cudi’s upcoming album of the same name as the soundtrack.

‘Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities’ (October 25)

Guillermo del Toro is the imaginative brain behind some of the best modern fantasy and gothic horror films. He’s the genius behind The shape of water, Pan’s Labyrinthand crimson woodpecker. This fall, it will bring an anthology of unique classic horror stories to Netflix for you to check out.

The most exciting part of Cabinet of Curiosities is that it was made with practical effects and jaw-dropping production design to immerse you deep in del Toro’s bizarre world. Del Toro has confirmed that he will host every episode of the anthology, and the series will feature eight unique horror stories that challenge the classic horror genre. Two of the episodes are original works by del Toro, and the others are written and directed by Oscar-winning filmmakers.

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