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Raúl Araiza could quit driving and Hoy program | Instagram

There are rumors about him actor and TV host Raúl Araiza, who indicate that he could leave the driving and therefore the Today’s program, to change jobs.

Being one of the male drivers of the famous morning, Raul “El Negro” Araiza He is known for his charismatic personality, as well as for his most sympathetic character, with which he manages to conquer thousands of viewers every day.

Alongside Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta, the black boy as his colleagues affectionately call him, has been at the helm of the program since 2014, he quickly won the affection not only of viewers but also of his colleagues and the team of production.

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Since the beginning of his acting career in 1984, being a character for decades has been someone famous and above all difficult to forget.

It is precisely for this reason that some rumors began to emerge about his possible departure from the Hoy program, as he would be supposed to start a stand-up career, which was actually one of the actor’s dreams of ” Chains of Bitterness “. .

Raúl “El Negro” Araiza, Norma Herrera and Armando Aranza, mother and children | Instagram black

In an interview, he himself revealed that he had been thinking about this project for a few years, that he unfortunately could not make it happen, but that by 2022 he would undoubtedly be launching his own TV show. get up.

The fact that he has new projects does not mean that he has plans to quit the wheel, it is something that he could undoubtedly achieve perfectly as he achieved with the “Members on the Air” program. “.

Raúl Araiza confessed that he wanted Salvador Garcini to be the director who would advise him on this project, which for him is a monologue, only now it is called “stand up”.

According to his intentions in his monologue he wants to talk a bit about the processes he went through with a comedic tone, it should be mentioned that the actor himself has always been a bit reserved in terms of privacy, but this opportunity could help it open up a bit more.

Other projects by Raúl Araiza

Without a doubt, the black man is a man who is always in constant activity, looking for new ideas to realize them and translate them on the screen or in the theater.

One of his most recent projects, which he hopes will launch soon in 2022, is a series in which he will star alongside his mother Norma Herrera and brother Armando Araiza, two famous actors.

This project is a story that his father told him years ago and that they are now about to launch, by the time they have already recorded the first pilot episode, also being the director.

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