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Warning: the following contains SPOILERS for hacks.

HBO hacks features several actual comics in its cast of characters. This is a crucial element in how hacks can realistically portray the cutthroat world of stand-up and live entertainment, which serves as the setting for HBO’s comedy-drama. Oddly enough, Jean Smart who plays stand-up legend Deborah Vance doesn’t really do stand-up. However, there are over a dozen true stand-ups in the team and cast of hacks.

With many screenwriters of the series, hacksCreators Lucia Aniello, Paul W. Downs and Jen Statsky are all experienced comedians. All three are known for their work in vast citywhile Statsky also wrote for The right place and Parks and recreation. Additionally, the show’s writing room also includes Pat Regan, who also wrote for It Girl gay assistant and was featured by Comedy Central for his stand-up comedy work. Meanwhile, although Kaitlin Olson, who plays DJ Vance, isn’t technically a stand-up, she is one of the creators and stars of the infamously hilariously controversial Philadelphia is always sunny. In short, the team behind hacks knows comedy well.


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hacks doubles down on its examination of the comedy industry by casting several real-life comics in various roles. It certainly helps bring authenticity and realism to hacks‘ mad intrigues. Here are all the real stand-up comics audiences can see on HBO hacks.

Hannah Einbinder as Ava


Ava is a struggling comedy writer trapped in a mentorship relationship with mainstream comedy legend Deborah Vance. Hannah Einbinder is a comedian who made her television debut on the network The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. She has also participated in shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live, Late Night with Seth Meyersand Jimmy Pardo Never not funny.

Luenell as Miss Loreta


Miss Loreta is Marcus’ mother’s best friend, and the two always hang out at Marcus’ house. Luenell is a comic and comedy veteran who also appears in Daddy stop embarrassing me!and Coming 2 America. A known character actor, Luenell often appears as a fictionalized version of herself in films and series.

Margaret Cho as herself


When Ava and Deborah go on a lesbian cruise, Deborah meets an old friend – comedian Margaret Cho. After getting his big break from the autobiographical series American girl, Cho has become a household name in stand-up comedy. Margaret Cho is known to be in Awkwafina is Nora from Queensand also appears as herself in good problem and Show us your pets.

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Guy Branum as Debbie’s Little Fan


Comedian Guy Branum appears in hacks as one of the fans of Little Debbie, a show Deborah starred in when she was very young. Besides being a practicing stand-up, Guy Branum’s writing credits include shows like Last Standing Comic, Totally biased with W. Kamau Bell, Chelsea latelyand The Mindy Project. Branum often appears on talk shows as part of comedy panels.

Solomon Georgio as Jordan


Jordan is the sub-letter who rents Ava’s place in LA while Ava is away in Vegas. In addition to appearing on various late-night talk shows to perform stand-up comedy, Solomon Georgio also hosts the Team Coco podcast. The juice. Georgio’s writing credits include High Fidelity, Treble, Adam ruins everythingand Sponge Bob SquarePants.

Megan Stalter as Kayla


Ava’s agent, Jimmy, is constantly harassed by his assistant Kayla, who, unfortunately, is also the daughter of Jimmy’s boss. Megan Stalter is best known for The Megan Stalter Show and its passage through Stephen Colbert Presents Tooning Out The News. Stalter also has a role in Queer as Folkwhich is streaming on Amazon Prime, and stars herself in National Lampoon Radio Time and The improvisation guru.

Joe Mande as Ray


Ray is the lobby receptionist at the Palmetto, the hotel in Vegas where Ava lived. hacks season 1. Joe Mande is best known for his appearances in The Good Place, Kroll Showand Parks and recreation, for which he also wrote. Mande also appears in modern family and The Disaster Artist.

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Martha Kelly as Barbara


Barbara is the human resources manager for Jimmy and Kayla’s office. Although Martha Kelly does stand-up comedy, she is primarily known as a comedic and dramatic actress. Kelly also appears in Gas lighting, Euphoriaand american gods.

Iris Bahr as Perla


Perla is the nurse who takes care of Deborah when she undergoes plastic surgery for her eyes. Deborah and Ava also prank Perla. Iris Bahr is a well-known comedic and stand-up actor. Bahr also appears in Calm your enthusiasm, The Connersand Irreversible

Rekha Shankar as Victoria


One of Ava’s former writing partners, Victoria briefly reunites with Ava in Vegas. When Ava sees her writing partners outside a Vegas club, Victoria is the girl on the left. Besides being a stand-up comic, Rekha Shankar has numerous series credits. Shankar is perhaps most famous for his roles in CollegeHumor Originals, Ultramechatron Team Go!, Kingpin Katieand Adam ruins everything.

Adam Ray as Drew Higgins


Drew Higgins is the fictional comedian who casually harasses women and cracks misogynistic jokes. Deborah pays Drew $1.69 million to quit stand-up, which Drew reluctantly agrees to. Comedian and actor Adam Ray is a famous actor. Ray is known for his roles in Appleseed Elementary School, 2 broke girlsand A guy walks into a bar, Mad TVand Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s autobiographical series Young Rock.

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Nina Tarr as Fabriziana


Fabriziana is Ruby’s girlfriend, Ava’s ex-girlfriend. Nina Tarr is a stand-up who also stars in several short films. Tarr is perhaps most recognizable from his roles in Superhero diaries, pennies for your thoughtsand Successful adventures.

Blake Clark as the owner of the tunnel of love


The legendary Blake Clark makes a brief appearance in hacks as the owner of the Las Vegas Tunnel of Love who marries Deborah’s daughter, DJ Vance, and MMA fighter Aidan. Blake Clark is one of the most experienced actors in the cast of hacks, with more than 100 acting roles in films and series. This includes contemporary series such as United States of Al, SMILF, Kirby Buckets, Communityand The last man standing. Blake Clark also appears in films such as Mr. Deeds, Joe Dirt, Little Nickyand The mask.

hacks certainly isn’t slack in terms of getting the perspective of true stand-up comics. The presence of these numerous comics certainly helps to make the series authentic. With hacks season 2 is underway, there’s bound to be more stand-ups joining the HBO cast hacks.

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hacks releases new Thursdays episodes on HBO Max.

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