Taliban: No policeman is allowed to come to a police checkpoint in civilian clothes

According to Taliban security officials, no plainclothes and plainclothes police are allowed to check people after the distribution of uniforms to the group’s police forces.

Taliban police chief in Kabul, Wali Jan Hamza, said the process of distributing uniforms to the group’s forces had begun and once completed, no one in civilian, local and civilian clothes would be allowed to control the people.

National television, which is now under the control of the Taliban, says the process of distributing uniforms in Kabul and Kandahar has begun in order to improve order in the city.

The Taliban’s interior ministry introduced the new police uniform last week, which is dark blue rather than the grey-blue uniform used by police under the previous administration.

Earlier at a press conference, the Taliban revealed a uniform which they said was suitable according to Mullah Hibatullah and was made by an in-house factory.

However, ten months later, Taliban forces are still roaming the towns in civilian clothes and residents have repeatedly complained.

The exploiters, on the other hand, presented themselves as Taliban forces and, posing as them, committed armed robberies.

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