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Hello and welcome to the Daily Crunch on October 21, 2021! Today’s news was everywhere, including a number of articles dealing with a very particular former US president. TechCrunch has all the details, plus plenty of crypto-focused news, product updates from Big Tech, and a cacophony of startup items. Let’s go! – Alexis

The Top 3 TechCrunch

  • Say hello to the Trump social network: Former US President Donald Trump finally gives reason to rumors that he intends to start a media company. Indeed, the twice-indicted former reality TV host intends to create not only a social network but also a video service and intends to take on both Amazon and Microsoft. . And Stripe, for good measure.
  • Netflix employees step down in solidarity with trans staff: At the junction of streaming media, comedy, and a changing national dialogue about our trans siblings is Netflix, which aired a comedy special that some considered hate speech on platform. Spotify encountered related issues when it spent a lot of money to stream Joe Rogan’s podcast exclusively on its network.
  • Google will reduce App Store fees: The pace of price changes among global app markets has picked up this week, with Google announcing that it is “lowering commissions on all businesses by subscription to the Google Play Store.” Apple has fought developers’ efforts for more flexible App Store payment policies and lower take rates.

Startups / VC

Launching our startup cover today, founder and operator group The Fund is building The Fund XX, which TechCrunch says will become a “community of investors and entrepreneurs who will make pre-seed investments and starting “. Something to watch out for.

Next, we’ll look at a triple threat of crypto stories, and then explore a slew of stealthy startup news:

  • Crypto Card Game Raises $ 50 Million: Have you ever wanted to create your own card or board game? Struggling to find investors, lenders, or even friends willing to listen to your plan? Stop what you’re doing, put it on the Ethereum blockchain, and collect a huge check. Parallel, a sci-fi card game based on the Ethereum blockchain, is now worth $ 500 million after its huge round of funding.
  • Eyeballs for crypto? This is the trade that Sam Altman’s Worldcoin offers. He has a five-pound orb – literally called “The Orb” – that will scan your eyes and award you some of its motto. Worldcoin is a Layer 2 Ethereum project.
  • Of course, NFT funds now exist: Meta4 Capital is raising capital to buy and trade NFTs, TechCrunch reports. He is looking to raise $ 100 million and will be “anchored by a16z”, according to our own reports. The a16z connection makes sense – the investor group has long supported Coinbase, which is getting into NFTs and also investing capital in OpenSea, which is also part of the NFT game. So the start-up investor has a huge incentive to keep the NFT magic alive.

And now for the rest of the news:

  • Vertical software for parking: That’s what AirGarage is building, and it just raised $ 12.5 million for its efforts. The vertical software push is bringing products targeted to particular industries that may have fallen behind others in their digitalization. Parking certainly fits this mold.
  • Socratic pockets $ 3 million for its developer-focused task management service: It’s an old trick, but the startup only disclosed the capital when it decided it was time to open a public beta of its service. What is now. According to TechCrunch reports, the department “wants to give technical managers a better overview of what’s going on in their organizations,” while helping more core staff.
  • If at first you are unsuccessful, start over: Former Zenefits frontman Parker Conrad Rippling’s next project is now worth $ 6.5 billion after raising new capital. In case you need a refresher on the Zenefits saga, we’ve got you covered.
  • Yummy grabs $ 18 million for deliveries to Latin America: The rapid pace of venture capital rounds in North America that we have seen in recent quarters is hardly a local matter. Yummy raised $ 4 million earlier this year and is back with even more capital. The Venezuelan company wants to develop in its region, which the new funds will facilitate.
  • FlixMobility acquires Greyhound: German bus start-up FlixMobility bought the iconic – if not loved – American bus company Greyhound. The operation does not have a reputation for operational excellence in the United States. Maybe it will be better with a new parent company.

Lessons from the founders raising their first turn in a bull market

The tide is high for startup founders looking to lift their first round in October 2021.

But easy money can create special pressure for start-up founders, according to Manu Bansal, founder of Lightup.ai.

“You can’t speed up GTM with more money. If valuations go up astronomically, I remember I have to deliver performance, ”he says.

“If I can’t show traction, sooner or later this beast will come back to haunt me.” I prefer to avoid the prize runners.

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Big Tech Inc.

  • Now anyone can host a Twitter Space: Twitter’s audio chat room product was previously limited to people with at least 600 followers. This requirement has been removed.
  • Microsoft’s dual-screen smartphone improves: If you’re familiar with the first generation Surface Duo, the good news is that the Second Edition is much better. The bad news is, we think it’s not fully cooked yet.
  • Something metaverse? Remember Facebook wants to be a metaverse business now, right? Well, it’s only fitting that the social media giant is “now rolling out new augmented reality (AR) experiences for video calling and messenger rooms,” given his personal plans for the future.
  • Unity wants to make it easier to create cross-platform games: Just as a family can end up with all iOS or Android devices, groups of players can form around console selection. Unity’s new Unity Gaming Services product can make it easier for developers to create cross-platform games. Something that we PC gamers would be fine with.
  • Why not just have a vaccination mandate? Apple will require unvaccinated employees to be tested for COVID-19 daily, which sounds a lot like a trick to get people vaccinated without telling them. Which he actually is.
  • EU plans to ban “scary” ads: According to our own Natasha Lomas, “European Union lawmakers are mobilizing support for a ban on tracking advertising.” Considering the popularity of this particular form of advertising, this is great news.

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