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GILROY, Calif. — Even space travelers lose their wallets.

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William Shatner, who played Captain James Kirk in the 1960s TV series ‘Star Trek’ and became the oldest person to travel to space in 2021, accidentally left his wallet at a northern fruit stand from California earlier this month, KGO TV reported.

Shatner, 91, was at Gary Tognetti’s fruit stand in Gilroy, the TV reported.

Tognetti, 50, owner of B&T Farms, was not at the helm when the actor showed up. His 15-year-old daughter sold an older man four bags of fresh cherries and $2 worth of corn, K.G.O. reported. The man drove away but left his wallet in a corn bin, the outlet reported.

The next day, Sophia Tognetti showed the wallet to her father.

“You’re kidding me,” said Gary Tognetti The Washington Post when he realized who the wallet belonged to.

“She had no idea who he was,” Tognetti said.Today.”

Tognetti found a driver’s license, a COVID-19 vaccine card, as well as a credit card, ATM and CVS card — all bearing Shatner’s name, according to the outlet.

Tognetti texted his friend, Gilroy Police Department officer Mark Tarasco, K.G.O. reported.

“I said to him, ‘Hey, we found this wallet,’ and he wasn’t quite sure if I was telling a little joke,” Tognetti said.

“I went and immediately phoned Gary to try to figure out why Gary, of all people, has Mr. Shatner’s wallet in his possession,” Tarasco told the broadcaster.

Tognetti, 50, is a fourth-generation farmer who grew up in Gilroy, a town about an hour south of San Francisco, the Job reported. He grows corn, cherries, lettuce, tomatoes and peppers on his 3,500-acre farm, according to the newspaper. He grew up working in produce stands.

It was a rare brush with fame for Tognetti.

“At my parents’ fruit stand, (San Francisco 49ers quarterback) Joe Montana stopped by and we got his autograph there when I was pretty young,” Tognetti told the Job.

Tognetti also reached out to a friend at the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office. Tarasco said K.G.O. that there was a friendly competition between the officers to see who would contact Shatner first.

“It was a race trying to figure out who was going to contact Mr. Shatner first,” Tarasco told the TV station. “If you were to call Beverly Hills PD, they would tell you there were a few different people calling, trying to reach Mr. Shatner in Beverly Hills.”

Tarasco contacted the Beverly Hills Police Department and was eventually put in touch with Shatner’s agent. It took two hours to return the wallet.

“They actually FedEx it on Thursday, and he got it on Friday,” Tognetti said. K.G.O..

On Tuesday, Shatner thanked Tognetti and his wife for Twitter.

“I would like to thank Gary and Natalie from B&T Farms @TfarmsB for their extreme honesty in returning my lost wallet,” Shatner posted on his verified account. Twitter account. “They are obviously good citizens. I would also like to thank Constable Mark Tarasco and Sergeant John Ballard of the @GilroyPD My best, Bill.

The family farm quickly responded to the actor’s tweet with their own message about Twitter“It was our pleasure Mr. Shatner. I grew up watching Star Trek with my dad. B and T Farms and GILROY Law Enforcement are friendly Federation residents, so expect to hit them with phasers. Long live and prosper Mr. Shatner! Give us a shout the next time you pull over!”

Tognetti told the Job that he wants to put a sign outside his booth that says, “William Shatner was here.”

It would be a great marketing tool for the fruit stand to “live long and prosper”.

“I’m waiting for people to start coming in and say, ‘Hey, is that where William did his shopping? ‘” Tognetti told the newspaper.

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