The comedian will try to laugh at Nanaimo’s Corner Lounge

According John Beühleraward-winning stand-up comedian, “the art of laughter” is all about relieving tension.

“If it doesn’t relieve the tension, it won’t work… Maybe I can talk about race but then I should get people together or have myself as the butt of the joke in order to pop this balloon and make everything the world laugh,” he says.

Beuhler, born and raised in Vancouver, opened for Zach Galifianakis, Dennis Miller, Joan Rivers, Martin Short, Craig Ferguson and his mentor, Brent Butt.

He started stand-up comedy at age 19, and in his early years starred in a national comedy special, won the Just For Laughs Home Grown Comedy competition, finished in the finals of the Seattle International Comedy Competition, and completed two more Canadian films. national television specials.

Although well-versed in the art of relieving tension, Beuhler said he can still disagree at times and has struggled with routine development, especially during the lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“If you’re an actor, you’re like a musician. And the audience is the instrument,” he said. “You cannot practice it by yourself. Unfortunately, you have to do this all the time. You can’t sit on the edge of your bed and play your guitar and master a song – you can’t master a joke without seeing how different crowds react to it.

The success rate of one in 10 jokes is a very good percentage, he said, adding that he occasionally produces 30 pages of “trash” with only about five pages of “keepers” – not to say that the material isn’t funny, but perhaps lacks the musicality and language of stand-up comedy.

Beuhler prefers to compare himself to a “joke teller” who relies on philosophies and social critiques, rather than a “storyteller”, as he is “too slave to the truth”.

He returns to Vancouver Island in his Island Standing Tourand will make stops at SoCal Restaurant in Campbell River on July 27, Cobblestone Pub in Cobble Hill on July 28, Corner Lounge in Nanaimo on July 29, and Hecklers Bar and Grill in Victoria on July 30.

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