NBA Christmas Records and Where They Are Today

The best part about NBA Christmas is the handpicked games that suit the national television audience. We wake up, celebrate Christmas, then, BOOM, we get the best of the best – the best teams, games, players, scenarios, etc. And once the dust settles, we usually get some of the best results.

However, the NBA basketball giveaway on December 25 looks suspiciously like the giveaways under the house tree. We unwrap and end up loving it until next Christmas and are ready for the last and the best that comes with it. But I’m here to reflect on some of those memorable holiday gems that still matter today, including memorable stats, records, and performances. Let’s dive in.

There were some really electrifying scoring performances on Christmas Day that I saw in my basketball days. Kobe’s 34 against the Knicks in 2012 stand out, as do KD’s 44 against the Knicks in 2010. But nothing compares to the spectacle that the great Bernard King of the New York Knicks put on to the MSG crowd at Christmas 1984. .

Since that 1984 match, many have tried and few have come close. Tracy McGrady reached 46 points, Durant’s 44 aforementioned and Kobe’s 42 when Shaq returned to LA after leaving for Miami.

Sixty points at Christmas is a record that will not be touched anytime soon. Maybe not ever.

It’s easy to forget how dominant T-Mac was over a player in his prime, simply because of all the injuries that turned him into a role player. But make no mistake, McGrady was one of the best goal scorers we’ve ever seen.

Think; a Kevin Durant-Paul George combination that was capable of snagging 40 or 50 points on your favorite player any night. In fact, that’s exactly what he did as a member of the Orlando Magic when he averaged 43.3 points over a three-game Christmas streak.

T-Mac’s 43 against the Indiana Pacers in 2000, 46 against the Detroit Pistons in ’02 and 41 against the Cleveland Cavaliers in ’03. Even in a small three-game sample, I don’t think there’s anyone who will approach McGrady’s average of better than 40 points per game.

Did you know that Kobe Bryant is the all-time leader of the NBA in terms of points scored at Christmas? In 16 career games on Christmas Day (all with the Lakers), Kobe has collected 395 points, good for an average of 24.7.

Unfortunately, this record is probably only one day from being broken. LeBron James begins his 16th career Christmas game this Saturday with just 13 points to overtake Kobe’s 395. The two guys were able to share the pitch with each other on more than one Christmas occasion, providing us with some memorable moments.

It’s cool that James now wears a Lakers uniform and can break the record in the arena Kobe built. So, it would be great if Bron gave some sort of recognition or recognition to the achievement after the fact.

But now the question is, will anyone catch LeBron on this all-time list once he gets past Kobe?

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