GF Vip, Delia Duran and her ex-husband stand trial for money laundering of 2 million euros: Verdict

Delia Duran and Alex Bailey still inside camera lens Social networks and television. But this time they didn’t finish for her Pin up To GF Vip, but for reasons legal. the Model Venezuelan She and her ex-husband Marco Neruzzi were tried by the San Marino Single Court for a felony 2 million euros of washing. Today’s sentence came: Délia denied Judgment on the ex-husband four years e two months.

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according to to accuse, which dates back to 2017two million euros It is considered income from a crime From pimping, through Transfers, transfers, bank checks, In a San Marino credit institution.

In addition to the fine, Delia’s ex-husband will have to pay a fine of 4000 euros, Two-year ban on public office and political rights, plus confiscation reserved funds.

Delia Duran and Marco Neruzzi they were together new Year eight years. In 2019, Nerozzi is invited by D’Urso to his living room and there is a public response to Billy and Delia’s accusations regarding his alleged behavior. violent.

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