Ten UK TV shows to be released in 2021



If you’re like me, you’ve spent a good chunk of the pandemic watching TV shows at home. With the abundance of streaming services available right now, there hasn’t been a dearth of content for this business, but you might be worried about running out of it or wondering what will happen next on your favorite UK shows. Well have no fear loyal readers because at Anglotopia we’re here to cheer you up with ten upcoming shows in 2021 that we think you should watch. We’ve got a nice mix of new shows and favorite returns for you, but the problem is, there are so many shows that we were only able to pick ten. If there’s anything you think we’ve left out that people should be looking at, let us know in the comments.

Doctor Who, series 13

The end of the 2021 New Years special saw Graham and Ryan leave, but as is always the case with Doctor Who, a new companion awaits backstage. This season, new addition Dan (played by comedian Scouser John Bishop) will go on an adventure with The Doctor and Yas. The series has been reduced to eight episodes due to the pandemic affecting the filming and rumors that this could be the final season of Jodie Whittaker, who knows what enemies the Doctor may face or if we will see a regeneration at the end.

Around the world in 80 days

The latest adaptation of Jules Verne’s classic novel comes to us in 2021 and stars David Tennant as Phileas Fogg alongside Leonie Benesch and Ibrahim Koma. This is one of many series whose release has been delayed due to the coronavirus filming halt, but was able to resume in October and is expected to hit our screens this year.

Staging, series 2

And speaking of David Tennant, one of the first series to kick off this year is a sleeping hit of the pandemic. Tennant and Good Omens co-star Michael Sheen teamed up for Series 1 which saw them play fictional versions of themselves stuck at home after COVID closed their room in the West End. Always trying to rehearse in the midst of their partners and families, they were also joined by several renowned guest stars. This is perhaps the most 2020 series of all, filmed almost entirely with Zoom. Series 2 will see their director, Simon Evans, attempt to make an American version without David or Michael (along with David and Michael’s reactions).


Incredibly talented rapper and actor Riz Ahmed deploys his screenwriting skills with this nine-part drama series that features the life of a British Pakistani family spanning four decades. The new series uses the same name as its original mixtape and will be “unlike any period drama you’ve ever seen before.” According to Ahmed, the show will explore the themes of “identity, hope, belonging… family and the search for love” through its own unique and diverse lens.

A very English scandal, series 2

While Series 1 focused on MP Jeremy Thorpe’s alleged plot to kill his gay lover, Norman Josiffe, Series 2 leaves that story behind for another scandal. The first series produced by Russell T. Davies was so popular that the BBC decided to make it an anthology. In 2020, the BBC commissioned Sarah Phelps to write a second series that will focus on Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyle, and her much-publicized divorce that revealed a series of lovers.

Ginger biscuits

Twenty years after the debut of the original film, this new series is adapting its comedy-horror story for the small screen. Film producers Copperheart Entertainment are working with production company Killing Eve Sid Gentle Films on the show in which one of the two sisters is attacked by a werewolf, forcing her sister to find a way to kill or destroy the beast that his brother is becoming.

Return to Life, Series 2

Serving another year of her sentence, Back to Life returns to televisions and streaming sometime in 2021. Starring and co-created by Daisy Haggard, with Laura Solon, Haggard plays Miri Matteson who has returned to her hometown to rebuild his life after 18 years in prison. With Miri’s crime and a deeper secret related to it revealed in Series 1, we can’t wait to see how these revelations are further explored in Series 2.

Inside man

With a plethora of hit series to his credit, including Coupling, Doctor Who, Sherlock and Dracula, Stephen Moffat presents his latest BBC drama with Inside Man. The series features two characters, a death row inmate in the United States and a woman trapped in the cellar of an English rectory, who end up crossing paths in very surprising ways.

Britannia, series 3

A fantasy / historical drama set during the time of Roman Britain, Britannia examines the conflicts between the Romans, Celts and Druids. The show, on the whole, is as if British history had a child with Game of Thrones, infusing real events with tales of swords and witchcraft. The coronavirus halted filming of the third series in 2020, but it resumed towards the end of the year and is expected to hit Epix and Sky in 2021.

Derry Girls, series 3

Based on the experiences of designer Lisa McGee growing up in Northern Ireland in the 1990s, the end of Series 2 saw English-born James choose to stay in Derry with the girls as well as the early days of the peace process. which would lead to the Good Friday agreement. . With a great combination of newer and more experienced Irish comedy, it will be interesting to see what parts of Northern Irish history the show tackles as the girls (and James) find new dilemmas in their Catholic school. .



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