Oh no! Aparna will oppose Imlie and Aryan

Mumbai: Imlie is one of the most successful shows on television and has done well on the TRP charts since it hit the screens.

Audiences have started loving the chemistry between Aryan and Imlie as Aditya is still troubled by their relationship.

These days, the storyline focuses on Aryan and Imlie’s fake wedding and the things surrounding it. It can also be seen how Imlie has developed hatred for Aryan and she is on a mission to teach him a lesson, on the other hand Badi Maa tries her best to marry Aryan to Preeta and plans and plots against the marriage.

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The Tripathi are super happy for Aryan and Imlie.

But someone is not so happy and that is Aparna.

Now once again you will see a huge change in Aparna’s character as she will now be seen as a negative character.

Imlie leaves the mandap and when Aryan reveals that she was forced to marry him, it suddenly reminds Aparna of Aditya’s words.

That’s why Aparna starts feeling bad because finally Aditya and Imlie were supposed to be together but Aryan separated them.

So from now on, Aparna develops hatred assuming her son’s life was ruined because of them.

Later in the story, we will see Aparna being the villain against the relationship between Imlie and Aryan.

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Can Aryan and Imlie stay together?

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