We must defend future generations, not taunt and sneer at them

This is not the end, of course. If they are lucky enough to be employed, the Bank of England boss is warning them not to expect a pay rise anytime soon. But if they don’t, well, how will they cope with the spiraling cost of living, let alone saving for a deposit on a house. Pasta cooks forever?

If they are shared, who gets the £200 energy bill? And who has to pay for it in the years to come?

What about child care? According to the National Childbirth Trust, the average annual cost in the UK for part-time nursery childcare is £7,000 per year. Per child. It’s paralyzing.

A fantastic image of the better life has been perpetuated by people like Allsopp. Talking nonsense about purchasing power is one thing. Talking about the need for people, especially younger people, to get up and find their “forever home” is something more dangerous. This led to so many people (who could afford it) buying an id flat in an id building which they are now being told has a dangerous coating, for which, until Michael Gove le rule, they are responsible for paying to fix it. So even those who thought they were settled are saddled with even more debt. And if they can’t afford to buy into the fallacy of perfect existence, then what? Have you ever run in circles, hoping for a break or a wealthy relative to pick them up?

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Given the outlook for many young people, I’m surprised he doesn’t just draw the curtains, hit caffeine, and binge on true-crime streaks.

We need to stop seeing the situation in which young people find themselves as their fault. The system has let us all down, but especially the next generation that is coming.

Defend them. Offer real hope and opportunity. Don’t sneer, sneer and kick because we were luckier a generation ago.

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