Ministers resist scientists in long battle over Christmas Covid restrictions

Ministers said they wanted to see a clear link between cases, increased hospitalizations and deaths before agreeing to further restrictions.

One said, “The question is” does this extend to hospitalizations and deaths? “This may extrapolate to hospitalization, but does it necessarily result in deaths.”

Another Cabinet source said: “If anyone wants to tell me that I have to restrict people’s freedoms, I have to make it very clear why it is to protect their health. I can’t see anything yet.”

A minister pointed to the collapse in hotel reservations, saying: “We were of the opinion that now is not the time to do more because the public is doing it for themselves.”

Only four ministers would be in favor of more restrictions: Mr Javid; Michael Gove, the upgrade secretary; Nadine Dorries, Secretary of Culture; and Chief Treasury Secretary Simon Clarke.

Not a “decision-making meeting”

The meeting broke off shortly after 4:30 p.m. without any firm conclusions, although sources later said that “any suggestion that this was a decision-making meeting is false.”

Cabinet is now scheduled to meet again before Christmas Day Saturday to review more data. That could lead to MPs being dismissed on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week to vote on new restrictions.

In a TV clip subsequently released around the same time as the scheduled press conference, Mr Johnson ruled out further restrictions, but warned the government would not hesitate to take further action if the data required it. confirmed.

“Unfortunately, I have to tell people that we will have to reserve the possibility of taking other steps to protect the public, to protect public health, to protect our NHS. We will not hesitate to take action,” a- he declared. But not on Monday.

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