Netflix will need a license to stream in Azerbaijan

December 21, 2021 1:10 p.m. (UTC + 04:00)


By Sabina Mammadli

Netflix and a number of streaming services will need a license to continue streaming in Azerbaijan.

The Chairman of the National Television and Radio Council (NTRC), Ismat Sattarov, made the remarks in response to the question of whether, Vimeo and other services should be licensed to broadcast in Azerbaijan, and whether they will be obliged to register and open a representative office in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan.

Sattarov noted that the activities of these platforms are not regulated by local laws.

“The world has already started to regulate these platforms, and it’s a long process. We are also starting to do this with the “On the Media” bill. These service platforms will need to be licensed to operate in Azerbaijan, ”he said.

He added that the on-demand streaming provided for by the bill also covers these service platforms. Sattarov also noted that most of these services are currently operating in Azerbaijan.

The president of the NTRC also commented on the possibility of blocking service platforms after the passage of the media bill. He noted that blocking is not the primary goal. According to Sattarov, these services participate in the local market and earn money here.

“At least they should have a representative office in Azerbaijan and register as taxpayers. For this reason, the inclusion of these provisions in the bill is not aimed at blocking these services in our country, but rather to create a legitimate base in this field and to attract these platforms to the Azerbaijani market. This is an exciting step. We want these service platforms to operate legally in Azerbaijan, “he added.

The new law “On the media” defines the general rules of organization of media activities, the legal and economic basis of these activities, as well as the reception, preparation, transmission, production and dissemination of mass information. . The document consists of nine chapters and 78 clauses.

The law also puts an end to the problems of online media. Although online media have been operating in Azerbaijan for many years, their legal status is recognized for the first time by this law.

The law will also determine the requirements for information published and disseminated in the media, which will be important for increasing the professionalism and social responsibility of journalists.

In addition, one of the important points of the law concerns the protection of copyright of news producers and broadcasters.

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