Futuri launches TV version of POST as TV stations turn to audio to extend their reach. | Story

TV station owner Tegna’s investment in podcasting with the founding of Vault Studios and the acquisition of the sports-focused Locked On podcast network put it ahead of its TV brethren. But as more TV companies look to capitalize on the growing audio medium to reach their audiences, technology provider Futuri sees an opening. It has just released a new version of its POST podcasting system specifically designed for broadcasters.

Similar to the POST system used by radio stations to take their live shows and convert them into on-demand podcasts, Futuri says its new TV version allows broadcasters to both create, publish, analyze and monetize podcast series. broadcast on demand and original from the same platform.

“Audiences today don’t think of media brands just in terms of ‘TV’ or ‘radio’. Quality content, whether it’s video or audio, is what engages consumers,” said Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig.

The TV version is similar to how POST works for a radio show, although it’s primarily designed to help local TV stations repurpose their newscasts into podcasts. In addition to automatically ingesting and editing a TV news audio feed, Futuri says the TV version of POST will also replace TV ads with programmatic ad markers. It will also combine brand images and descriptions and automatically publish newscasts to audio platforms. Stations using POST can also subscribe to the Futuri Ad Network.

“The way we’ve customized POST podcasting systems for broadcasters’ unique needs will help them quickly capture the audience and revenue growth opportunities that the explosive growth of audio has created,” Anstandig said in the statement. ‘announcement.

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