Wichita Bull Attorney has license suspended for one year


Wichita attorney Brad Pistotnik is well known for riding a longhorn steer in his television and billboard commercials.

A Wichita attorney known for his flamboyant television commercials in which he rides a longhorn ox has had his license suspended for one year, according to a Kansas Supreme Court notice released Friday.

Brad Pistotnik, principal owner of the Bull Attorneys law firm in Wichita, previously accepted the suspension, which was recommended by a Kansas disciplinary committee. The suspension comes after Pistotnik became involved in an illegal cyberattack and an extortion scheme to remove negative online reviews about him from websites. The 66-year-old pleaded guilty in 2019 to three misdemeanor counts of aiding and abetting after the fact.

The federal convictions triggered an automatic suspension of Pistotnik’s attorney’s license in Oklahoma, but he was allowed to continue practicing law in Kansas until that ruling. In Kansas, he is well known for his flamboyant “Bull Attorney” persona, appearing in television commercials and billboards dressed for trial atop a longhorn ox or standing on the roof of a semi-truck. moving.

It’s the sixth time he’s been disciplined by Kansas State in his 40-year career, records show.

Contributor: Chance Swaim with The Eagle

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