The Zee Kundali Bhagya TV show produced by Balaji Telefilms is producing some interesting dramas in the upcoming episodes. As seen so far, Karan throws a party and calls the entire Luthra family. He decides to meet his family and humiliate Preeta and Rishabh as well.

Later, Preeta and Rishabh come to the party. Karan alias Arjun displays his bat and other cricket items. Karan misses Preeta. Later, Anjali is dancing at the party and the song makes Preeta emotional. She soon feels Karan’s presence around her.

Now in the next episode Karan talks to Preeta and Rishabh in which he mentions that Preeta has a habit of falling. This statement irritates Rishabh and he gets angry. He asks Karan to be careful with his words before speaking. He also mentions that no one has the right to insult Preeta.

OH MY GOD! Will Preeta learn of Karan’s existence?

Keep reading for more updates.

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