Velshi: We must not stand idly by as the Ukrainian people – and their freedom

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  • #VelshiBannedBookClub: Sometimes books get banned because of the words, the idea or the author. In this case it’s all 3.


  • Vladimir Kara-Murza: ‘All independent TV networks in Russia have been shut down…this censorship war is over’


  • Former UN High Commissioner: ‘I have very little doubt’ that people will be prosecuted for war crimes


  • US Energy Secretary: “Is it worth paying a little more for your gas to not fund this bloody war in Ukraine?”


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    Velshi: We must not stand idly by as the Ukrainian people – and their freedom – perish


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  • Lviv was once a ‘tourist center’, now it’s a ‘humanitarian center’, says city’s deputy mayor


  • Velshi: For some still clinging to some semblance of normalcy in Ukraine, air raid sirens are stopping life


  • ‘We won this battle for Kyiv, I’m sure we will win the big battle’: Ukrainian MP


The people of Ukraine simply yearn to be free, to live where and how they want, and to choose their government in pursuit of justice and fairness. The basic rights that Ukrainians have been fighting for since 2014: life, liberty, and personal security, are basic rights that many Americans might take for granted every day. Most Americans could never imagine their basic freedom to live being stripped away. Good luck, perhaps. And maybe a little naive about the fact that fundamental rights don’t happen by accident – ​​they are won and defended. But freedom, it seems, is not free. Each of us, as citizens of the world, has an obligation to stand up and defend these rights. Even if they don’t apply to you. We must not sit idly by while the Ukrainian people – and their freedom – perish.

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