ABC-Owned TV Stations Launch Groundbreaking and Proprietary ‘Stock Report’ Tracks and Measures Stocks in 100 US Cities


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ABC-owned TV stations announce public launch of groundbreaking and exclusive program “Our report on US equities. “ The Equity Report is an unprecedented data journalism tool for monitor and measure racial equity in 100 of America’s largest cities. Using the data, the stations go beyond statistics to tell the stories of marginalized communities; and through solutions journalism, the stations further provide local and national resources to encourage a pathway towards building more equitable communities. At Tuesday September 28, the eight stations owned in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, San Francisco, Raleigh Durham and Fresno will broadcast their latest investigative reports fueled by the Equity Report which revealed glaring inequalities surrounding access to the media. health insurance, particularly in Hispanic and Latino communities. This survey follows recent similar analyzes of police service diversity, ownership inequalities and education disparities, all fueled by the Equity Report.

“The Fairness Report represents an incredible amount of hard work and commitment on the part of our data journalism team,” said Anna Robertson, vice president of Content & Partner Innovation. Fairness report tracks fairness, reports on progress made by cities and offers viewers ways to learn more, including a “Get Involved” page with community resources and a printable version of the report to start meaningful conversations.

“Our hope is that the Equity Report becomes an essential tool for advancing racial equity in our cities. By enabling our communities to access the data themselves, we can empower people to better understand each other and seek solutions to some of the biggest challenges we face, ”added Robertson.

ABC’s data journalism team, led by director of data journalism John Kelly, analyzed more than 10 million data points across five quality of life categories: policing, housing, education, health and the environment. The findings of the fairness report are then used by investigative, racial and cultural journalists from ABC News and ABC-owned television stations, who examine social issues, explore historical significance, and provide context. broader to the inequalities that affect underrepresented and marginalized communities.

“The most rewarding result of this project is the way it fuels important local journalism,” Kelly said. “While the Equity Report helps document and track people’s disparate quality of life of color live, the full impact is seen when our reporters bring these real facts back to neighborhoods to tell people’s stories or our investigators interview local leaders to hold them to account.

The fairness report has already fueled more than two dozen stories reported on ABC-owned television stations, as well as nationwide surveys on ABC News, including an analysis of race and police in America by ABC News Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas and featured on “Hello America.”

“By combining the power of local news and the efforts of the national team to bring together people and situations that fuel powerful stories like police diversity – the results are extraordinary and have a greater impact by providing greater context and by amplifying underrepresented voices, ”said Mark Nichols, senior director of data journalism for ABC News and ABC-owned television stations.

On Tuesday, September 28, viewers in each of ABC’s eight markets can watch hyperlocal investigative reports focusing on health insurance inequalities revealed in the Equity Report. Every newsroom has reported that there is an inequity in the number of people who do not have health insurance in most of the major metros in the country. Hispanics and Latinos in most cities are insecure at a rate at least twice that of whites.

A full list of stories from the Equity Report is available at, where users can browse past stories of inequities uncovered by ABC-owned television stations.

Previous stories from the “Equity Report” include the following:

  • Police diversity – Exclusive analysis of national data from The Equity Report found that police officers in 99 of 100 U.S. cities are less diverse than the people they serve. In six metropolitan areas from coast to coast, 90% of agents are white. *
  • Lodging Analysis from the equity report shows that white families are more likely to have the advantage of owning their home in all 100 of the 100 metropolitan areas surveyed, and the gaps are large – over 30 percentage points in more half of the metropolitan areas.
  • Education and school discipline – The Equity Report examined thousands of schools and found glaring disparities between discipline (and the resulting wasted class time) for black and Latino students.

To understand how to use the Fairness Report, viewers can watch the “Our America Equity Report” tutorial video. To “get involved,” individuals can search for resources on the Equity Report website under ABC’s owned markets of new York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia cream, Houston, San Francisco, RaleighDurham and Fresno.

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