How to use the ABC Owned TV Station Fairness Report


We want to help our communities foster conversations that lead to equitable change for all. That’s why we launched the Fairness Report – to give you the data you need to help spark this change. Here is a simple overview of this powerful tool.

First, visit Click or tap the Equity Report tab at the top of the page or scroll down to the Equity Report section on the home page and click Explore.

From there, you can choose to explore data for the largest US cities. After choosing your community, you can browse the report at a glance or explore five different areas in more depth: housing, health, education, policing and the environment. You can even print or download sections to share on social media or email to foster conversation with friends, family, neighbors, and community leaders.

The goal of the Equity Report is to give you the power and the information you need to make a change in your community. The Fairness Report harnesses the power of ABC’s data journalists, who have analyzed over 10 million data points to help you stay informed, start a conversation, and drive change in your community.

We will also tell stories showing the Equity Report in action. We’ll explain the why of the data and also present solutions for a better America. We will be tracking the numbers to report back progress in any of these areas.

Click here to see the Equity Report in Action.

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