Three New Documentaries “Unsolved” and “True Crime” From ABC-Owned TV Channels Arrive at Hulu

ABC Detained TV stations will expand their real crime and Unresolved slate on Hulu with three popular local stories that were investigated and covered by ABC-owned news stations, but gained national appeal.

What is happening:

  • The three new documentaries are scheduled for release on Tuesday, December 21 on Hulu.
  • The first of the three is No good deed: a crowdfunding holiday heist by 6ABC / WPVI-TV Philadelphia. What started as a heartwarming holiday story in 2017 turned into the biggest scandal in GoFundMe history, which WPVI investigated and reported on Tl.
  • No good deed updates viewers on homeless Johnny Bobbitt Jr. who donated his last 20 dollars to help a woman, Katelyn McClure, out of gas. At the time, WPVI and other local stations covered the touching story that went viral and became a national story as McClure created a GoFundMe page to help him get out of homelessness.
  • As the story went viral, McClure and her boyfriend, Mark D’Amico, raised nearly half a million dollars for Bobbitt and appeared on local and national news shows. But lavish social media posts about luxury spending, parties, gambling and other bizarre behaviors led Pradelli and Mettendorf to launch an investigation. As the pressure mounted around the trio, fallout ensued, ultimately exposing the “good deed” as a lie that defrauded GoFundMe and thousands of kind-hearted supporters.

  • Pradelli and Mettendorf speak with family and friends of defendants, prosecutors and GoFundMe executives. The hour-long documentary shares an explosive audio recording of McClure and D’Amico and recently released clips from WPVI’s 2018 exclusive interview with Bobbitt.
  • No good deed explores how social media contributed to the significant increase in donations and ultimately brought down the trio.
  • WPVI has created a No good deed immersive experience site which takes viewers through a timeline of events. The immersive page shares actual social media posts, audio recordings, text messages, court documents and other factors of this scandal.
  • WPVI investigative reporter Chad Pradelli and Special Projects Producer Cheryl Mettendorf are co-executive producers.

  • The next step is Texas True Crime: The Candyman Murders from ABC13 / KTRK-TV Houston, which deals with an affair that haunted a community in Texas nearly 50 years ago.
  • ABC13 reporter Jessica Willey looks back on the gruesome mass murders of killer Dean Corll that called him a “serial killer” before the term was widely used.
  • Earlier this year, ABC13, the news leader in Houston, released a new series Texas real crime on Hulu and the second season of its successful and widely distributed Unresolved series.
  • All ABC13 Unresolved and Texas real crime documentaries are available on Hulu.
  • Wendy Granato, President and CEO of KTRK said: “Deciding to share these locally produced real crime stories on Hulu is indicative of the demand we are seeing from content obsessed viewers. It is also a testament to the experience of our journalists, whose work gives victims a voice. “
  • The trailer for Texas True Crime: The Candyman Murders is available on the ABC13 website.

  • Finally we have The unsolved: the disappearance of Mitrice Richardson by ABC7 / KABC-TV Los Angeles.
  • It revolves around an unsolved mystery in 2009 about a young woman who went missing near Malibu Creek State Park. On the hour-long special, ABC7’s Veronica Miracle examines the case of Richardson who, before disappearing, appeared to have a mental health crisis at an upscale Malibu restaurant that led her to be taken to an LA County jail. Controversy ensued regarding how she was released in the middle of the night without a phone or car and disappeared. His remains were found 11 months later in a nearby isolated canyon.
  • Miracle examines the events that led to her disappearance, retraces Richardson’s footsteps, speaks to those who loved her, and looks back on how law enforcement treated her before and after her disappearance.

These three new documentaries will be released on Tuesday, December 21 on Hulu.

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