What are the most popular Halloween TV shows?

ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – Some of the most sought-after Halloween TV shows may not seem traditional. Stranger Things with monsters from another dimension and girls with powers do the trick. Criminal Minds also makes sense, with compelling tales of killers and other criminal acts solved by detectives.

But friends, the Simpsons, the Big Bang theory?

According to IMBD, 27 episodes of The Simpsons’ Halloween series “Treehouse of Horror” aired between 1990 and 2016. Ten episodes rank among the top 15 most searched shows on Halloween, said USDISH. Below are the most searched “Treehouse of Horror” episodes in Halloween and their rankings.

Rank Treehouse of Horror episode
1 Original (1990)
3 III (1992)
4 IV (1993)
5 V (1994)
6 II (1991)
seven VI (1995)
8 VII (1996)
9 VIII (1997)
ten XII (2002)
11 XIV (2003)
Source: USDISH

Friends has a Halloween episode that ranked second for most searched (“The One With The Halloween Party”). Stranger Things also has a Halloween episode (“Chapter One: MADMAX”) it aired in season two and is rated 12.

The Big Bang Theory has two top 15 episodes. “The Holographic Excitation” ranked 13, and “The Good Guy Fluctuation” ranked 15.

Over 15 seasons and over 300 episodes, according to IMBD. The list-making episode of Criminal Minds was “About Face” ranked 14 and aired in 2007, USDISH said.

Graphic courtesy of USDISH

The most searched Halloween show in New York City, based on Google trending data from October 1 to October 30, 2020, was Friends, USDISH said. It was also the most searched show in 13 other states, most of the five shows. Check out the most wanted Halloween show in each state in the graphic below:

Graphic courtesy of USDISH

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