TV Quiz: Can you name these 10 TV shows from the 90s?


Growing up in the 90s was probably as good as it gets.

There were no cell phones to distract the youngsters, game consoles were scarce, and playing bulldog outside with your friends was how you would spend the weekends.

You might even have had a few sips of inexpensive apple cider in your local park with your school mates.

TV channels were also mostly limited to terrestrial channels – with the exception of a lucky few with Sky – which offered people a limited selection of programs to watch.

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But there have been some absolutely blinding TV shows to keep us entertained throughout the decade.

Some of you will remember coming home from school and turning on Finders Keepers or Byker Grove.

And Saturday nights were filled with quality dating and game shows, as well as legendary comedy.

So test your general knowledge of 90s TV shows with our quiz below.

Every 90s kid or adult should get the best points!

Don’t forget to let us know your scores in the comments section!

Question –1 in 10
Goal –0 out of 0

Actor Lennard Pearce played the role of grandfather in which comedy series?

Do you remember the episode Russian are Coming well?

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