Mondo TV licenses popular property Bread Barbershop in Italian market –

Mondo TV Group, one of Europe’s largest producers and distributors of animated content and a licensing agent for many major international brands, has announced that it has been appointed by brand owner Monster Studio to represent the licensing of the hit korean show hairdresser bread in the Italian market.

Already a hit in Italy, where it launched in late 2020 on Discovery Italia’s free-to-air children’s TV channel K2, the 3D comedy-animated series for kids aged 6-9 is a makeover show – with a difference. All the characters are different types of cakes and desserts. They come to master craftsman Bread, a famous cake decorator, in hopes that he will use his skills to change their appearance for the better.

A slew of supporting characters, including goofy but lovable Wilk, grumpy receptionist Choco, Sausage, Hamburger, Butter and, of course, plenty of hilarious customers, along with jokes, music and action, keep the fun going. comedy and energy levels at a high level.

In Italy, hairdresser bread ranked first among free commercial children’s channels on the 4-14 target from September 2021 to March 2022.

“In hairdresser bread, while the main character delivers life-changing transformations that will put any client in an incredible mood, you always learn that at the end of the day, each of us is special in our own way,” says Sandro Sgrulloni, Programming and Content Acquisition Senior Director, Warner Bros Discovery. “We are delighted that this series has become one of the most loved titles on K2, as it fully reflects our mission to promote diversity and inclusion in an accessible and fun way. That is why we believe that our string is the perfect place to hairdresser bread.”

hairdresser bread has also been one of the best-performing shows on pay-TV channel DeAKids since its launch in early 2022. It also has over 1.5 million subscribers on TikTok, tens of millions of views on YouTube and a top 10 on Netflix. , where the first two seasons are now airing. Following the success of Series One (39 x 7′) and Series Two (26 x 11′), Series Three (26 x 11′) will hit English markets later this year.

In its home market, Korea, hairdresser bread has already inspired a number of successful product lines. Mondo TV, whose licensing division has successfully built a number of major foreign brands in the Italian market, is currently developing a licensing campaign in a wide range of categories, including toys, games, books, food and other products.

Matteo Corradi, President and CEO of Mondo TV, said: “hairdresser bread is engaging, colorful, smart and very funny. It’s also very original – there’s no other show like it. It’s a great time to look for licensing opportunities in an Italian market that has clearly embraced the series and its characters. We are delighted that Monster Studios has entrusted us with the licensing of this unique property in Italy.

Hyun Ah Ko, Director of International Affairs at Monster Studio, said, “We are delighted to be working with Mondo TV on creating a licensing program for bread barber, and certain that it will be as much a merchandising success as it has already been a broadcast success on K2. We are now developing toys, books and other products for fans of hairdresser breadwhich we hope will be a lasting success in Italy.

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