Are digital license plates coming to New York?

The next step New York vehicle owners could take in the digital age involves a revolutionary new license plate. Welcome to the future.

New York State Digital License Plates

Reviver, a company that started in 2009, recently announced that its car and truck license plate scanning campaign had just been approved by the state of Michigan. Michigan now joins California and Arizona as the only 3 states that have approved the technology so far, but the company says they are “in the process” of approval along with at least 10 more…is that that New York is next?

tnarg via Canva/

tnarg via Canva/

What is a digital license plate?

The plates created by Reviver offer several features not found in traditional metal plates. It might seem obvious, since the new license plates are customizable digital displays instead of a stamped plate, but there are some cool features you might not have considered. First, the plates can switch between “day” and “night” modes for visibility, depending on the brightness outside. They can also display emergency messages, like Amber Alerts, which are sent from the state DMV. Additionally, they contain tracking systems in case your car is stolen and can even display a “stolen” message to alert other motorists or the police.

tnarg via Canva/

tnarg via Canva/

The disadvantages of digital plaques

It should come as no surprise, but these plates aren’t free. Unlike the standard license plates you’d receive at the DMV, you have to pay a subscription fee for new plates, which can total over $1,000 for a four-year plan. Additionally, the benefit it offers of being able to digitally renew your registration may also have the “disadvantage” of active plate display when your registration is expired, since the DMV is essentially checking your license plate and the messages it broadcasts.



Digital Plates in Hudson Valley, NY

Do you want to welcome new technology to the Hudson Valley? On the one hand, it would be useful to avoid the DMV, which this system offers. My local office in Newburgh is so busy that you to have to make a reservation or you won’t be able to do any vehicle business, and on several occasions the armed guard in front of the building was less than pleasant, to put it mildly. That being said, over $250 a year to have something that could be construed as essentially an expensive vanity slab doesn’t sound too appealing. I would suggest adding E-ZPass capabilities since all of our Hudson Valley bridges now use cashless tolling, but it would probably get stolen.

If you want to take your license plate (analog or digital) on a road trip, check out some awesome New York destinations below, especially the World’s Largest Kaleidoscope, which is just a short drive away. of the Hudson Valley.

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