Defend local news

NCTV17’s role in the community has grown and changed a lot over its 35 years, with much of it happening in the last 10 years.

NCTV17’s local news coverage is essential to staying true to our vision of creating “an informed, engaged and connected community.” News is part of how we tell local Naperville stories on air and online.

But why is local news important?

Naperville thrives because it informed citizens. On a daily basis, NCTV17 provides unbiased, factual and in-depth reporting on issues that affect the quality of life in Naperville, such as safety, education and cost of living.

When you have local information, it’s easier to feel engaged and connected to your hometown.

Local news is a shared experience…it engages us in something bigger than ourselves. We all want to be part of something. NCTV17’s hyper-local news coverage gives us the information we need to make decisions on a local basis and get involved in our community.

Whether her neighbors come together to clean up after a tornado, or learn about a local nonprofit, or experience the latest adventure in downtown Naperville…watching these stories creates a sense of belonging.

Naperville is the 4th largest city in the state of Illinois. It covers over 44 square miles and looks different from just 35 years ago when NCTV17 was founded. But Naperville is special in that its residents still want to feel like neighbors. Naperville has grown into a large and thriving community with all the conveniences of a big city…but it has also managed to treasure that small town culture. A culture that prides itself on a strong work ethic, neighbors who help each other and welcome everyone.

News, journalism and NCTV17 are at a crossroads.

The reasons are too numerous to mention here, but one criticism is financial. For NCTV17, old sources of revenue, like cable franchise fees, no longer support our mission as they once did. The cost of a 24/7 news cycle has increased.

NCTV17’s distribution channels have also grown.

As a consumer, you requested content when, how and where you wanted it. The use of mobile technology is revolutionizing the way television is consumed. NCTV17 answered this consumer demand over a decade ago and met it head-on – in some cases before the networks.

We went from having a weekly newscast that residents could watch on Channel 17, to offering it via simulcast on our website, then video on demand, followed by offering each individual story to the request – not only on our website, but also on YouTube and social networks.

This demand for hyper-local news led us to launch NCTV17 News Update in 2016, providing residents with daily news via email, online at and the NCTV17 Facebook page.

What’s important to note, and what sets us apart from other local print media sources, is that all of our content is available for free and not behind a paywall. This commitment to “accessibility” goes back to the roots of NCTV17, beginning with public access to the media through Channel 17. The foundation of a healthy democracy is freedom of the press and residents’ access to local news including they need to make informed decisions at any given time. local level.

NCTV17, as a non-profit organization, embraces a national movement that calls on citizens to recognize, support and value local news as a pillar of a strong community, placing it alongside other knowledge institutes such as libraries, museums and schools.

As Executive Director of the non-profit Naperville Television Station, I ask you to stand up for local news and support NCTV17. Help us ensure that Naperville News 17 will continue to keep you informed, engaged and connected to your community for the next 35 years.

Liz Spencer – Executive Director of NCTV17

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