barc: Stand justified as I&B ministry order recognizes need for improvement: NBDA | India News

NEW DELHI: A day after the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting requested the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) to immediately publish Television Rating Points (TRPs) for news channels and calculate the data as four-week rolling average, the News Broadcasters and Digital Association (NBDA) said its position was “justified” because the government order “recognizes the need for improvement, recognizes shortcomings, the need to increase in any urgent sample size and systemic corrections”.
In a statement on Thursday, the NBDA said it appreciates the reforms aimed at making BARC India’s processes, protocols and oversight mechanism more robust.
“It is encouraging that the department has recognized that the television news rating system has shortcomings and has taken note of the suggestions made by the NBDA. The reconstitution of the BARC Board and the Technical Committee to allow the induction of independent members, as well as the establishment of a permanent oversight committee, are steps in the right direction,” said the association, which brings together 81 channels. information and news. noted.
The NBDA said it looked forward to working with the joint task force led by CEO Prasar Bharati on the “crucial issue” of return path data and said it hoped this would ensure that the data collected for audience measurement are more authentic and in real time.
Adding a note of caution, however, the NBDA said that while it recognizes BARC is undertaking several reforms, it said there is still room to make the systems more transparent, robust and reliable.
“BARC should also assess ways to improve data security and ensure that there is no manual intervention at any stage of the rating process. We hope that before any rating is released, these measures will be in place,” the NBADA said.
He added that the association will work with all stakeholders to refine the policy on outliers to eliminate statistical anomalies and increase the sample size to enhance the credibility of the data.

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