Michigan schools show support with ‘Stand Up for Oxford’

It was an unparalleled show of support on Friday night as schools across the state of Michigan showed their support for the Oxford community.

‘Stand Up for Oxford’ is a program that has brought together players, coaches and parents as communities across the state, showing solidarity and raising funds for Oxford High School.

Message read aloud at games across the state

At Friday (2/4) sporting events across the state, a heartfelt message was read aloud before each game and a minute’s silence was observed.

In the video below, you’ll hear a montage of those messages, with clips from several different schools across the state.

The message is powerful and it demonstrates that even when students compete on the field, on the field or on the ice, they can come together as one large community to show their support for their larger community.

Shirt Sales Support the Oxford Community

MHSAA and MIAAA organized the fundraising campaign by selling t-shirts and sweatshirts on This site. Proceeds from sales will go directly to the Oxford Community Memorial & Victims Fund. So far, $225,000 has been raised through the sale of shirts.

Listen to the powerful message below in the video from WXYZ-TV.

“Ladies and Gentlemen: On November 30, an untold tragedy occurred at Oxford High School. Michigan Schools are supporting the Oxford community tonight and all month by dedicating February to the ‘High Month of Oxford”. All revenue from shirts purchased from supportoxfordstrong.com will go directly to the Oxford community. Based on shirt purchases to date, over $225,000 has been raised. Join us now for a moment of silence, keeping the students of Oxford High School, their families and their community in your thoughts. We are all Oxford Strong.”

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