Woman fights to keep ‘FART’ license plate in North Carolina

Karla Sindy’s “FART” license plate. (Credit: Karla Sindy)

A North Carolina woman is fighting to keep her ‘FART’ vanity license plate after the DMV issued it to her, but later said she could be recalled.

Karly Sindy, 37, of Asheville, North Carolina, said she applied for her license plate last October and received it in November.

“I was re-registering my truck online and it had the option to customize my plate, so on a whim I tried FART,” Sindy told FOX TV stations. “I was excited and surprised he was available.”

The DMV later informed her that someone had complained about their vanity license plate and asked her why she chose the word. The DMV informed Sindy that she had 30 days to respond.

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That’s when Sindy got smarter, turning the word into an acronym, “FART”

“After receiving the letter, I took to Reddit at r/Asheville to ask for help in responding to the letter,” she continued. “Someone suggested to Friends of Asheville Recreational Trails and creating a website.”

“I loved the idea because I love hiking, biking and spending time outdoors,” she added.

Sindy launched a website and even organized a group hike.

“FART may not have started representing Asheville Recreational Trail Friends, but it certainly does now!” she explained.

Sindy has even made stickers and shirts from designs suggested by her band members and will donate proceeds to a local charity.

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But whether the DMV would let her keep her license plate remains to be seen. She recently sent a letter to the DMV explaining her acronym and is awaiting their decision.

“The custom text in question has been on our deny list for some time and was posted in error,” DMV spokesman Marty Homan told FOX TV stations. “It is currently under review.”

According to the Charlotte Observer, several banned license plate names are deemed offensive. Some examples include “SATAN”, “DUKEEY”, and “P0THED”.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.

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