35 Custom License Plates Indiana BMV Rejected

Chances are you’ve been driving down the road and found yourself behind a vehicle with a custom or personalized license plate. Sometimes they’re easy to decipher, other times you have to say it out loud and try to pronounce it in different ways to understand exactly what message the person behind the wheel is trying to convey. It can be a fun little game for the whole family on long car journeys. Some may be smart, others may just indicate what that person does for a living or their general attitude on life. Either way, before it can even be manufactured and fitted to the vehicle, the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) must first approve it.

Just because you’re willing to pay the extra $45 (on top of the standard plating fee) to personalize a plaque instead of letting the Bureau assign any seemingly random set of letters and numbers doesn’t mean he chooses, that doesn’t mean you have free reign to make him say what you want.

According to Daniel Bradley of WRTV-TV in Indianapolis, a committee of about 40 BMV employees each reviews thousands of custom plate submissions (there were nearly 54,000 in 2021) before approving or rejecting them.

Of those nearly 54,000 applications last year, 700 received the big red “REJECTED” stamp. WRTV has the full list of releases, many of which are “NSFW” as they say. I went through them all to find the ones that made me laugh.

SEE: 35 personalized license plates Indiana BMV rejected

According to the BMV, requests for personalized plates may be rejected if they contain the following, let’s call them “red flags:”
  • Bears an offensive meaning or connotation for good taste and decency;
  • Would be misleading; Where
  • The BMV also considers that it is unfit for issuance.

There is no doubt that each of them violates one of these provisions, and most of them violate them all.

WARNING: Some of them may be considered hazardous for work

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