That’s it in the WWE 2K22 Stand Back Pack DLC Pack

The third WWE 2K22 DLC pack is set to arrive with the Stand Back Pack, and here’s everything fans will find in it.

The Stand Back Pack was already supposed to be the most questionable pack in WWE 2K22, but real-life issues saw it get even worse. Although WWE 2K22 DLC packs have included five or six wrestlers, this one is now set to only include four.

What happened to reduce the number of wrestlers available in the Stand Back DLC pack? And what DLC are fans ready to get with the WWE 2K22 Stand Back Pack? Here’s the deal.

WWE 2K22 Wrestlers Stand Back Pack, Other DLCs

The WWE 2K22 Stand Back Pack DLC will include four wrestlers along with the Booker T EVO and Seth Rollins Emerald MyFACTION cards. The Booker T EVO and Seth Rollins MyFACTION cards are intended to replace one of the wrestlers who was removed from the roster. Here’s what fans are getting now.

Hurricane Helms

Gregory Helms had an 11-year run at the top of the wrestling scene, starting in WCW in 1999 before a 2001-2010 run in WWE. Although he struggled with several names and gimmicks during this time, he is best known for his 2001-2006 stint as comedian The Hurricane. The Hurricane had an awkward superhero aesthetic that caught on in a way that still sees Helms dusting off the cape on occasion today.

Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler had a relatively similar run at Hurricane Helms, albeit for different reasons. Keibler started in WCW in 1999 but was brought to WWE in 2001. She was one of a number of dated storylines that would not air on modern television alongside Vince McMahon, Scott Steiner and Randy Orton.

A kid

A-Kid has been a standout in NXT UK since 2019, including winning the Heritage Cup. He made his NXT 2.0 debut on March 15 with a victory over Kushida and has appeared on both brands since then.

Wes Lee

Former NXT Tag Team Champion Wes Lee appears solo in WWE 2K22. He was originally slated to be added to the game alongside longtime partner Nash Carter. Following Carter’s release from WWE, Wes Lee performed solo, though his days with the company might also be numbered.

Why does the WWE 2K22 Stand Back Pack only have four wrestlers?

The Stand Back Pack has only four wrestlers due to the exit of Nash Carter.

Carter was accused of domestic violence by his wife, Kimber Lee. Along with the abuse allegations, Kimber Lee posted a photo of Nash Carter with a toothbrush mustache and arm outstretched in a Nazi salute. He was released from the company on April 6. tweets from Kimber Lee have since been removed.

As is often the case with controversial figures, Carter is largely erased from corporate history. This included the sudden decision to remove him from the WWE 2K22 roster. The Booker T EVO and Seth Rollins Emerald MyFACTION cards replace it in the bundle.

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