RAI license, absurd news for everyone: here’s how much you’ll pay

The television tax, generically and improperly called Rai license fees it has undergone over the decades more than a few changes which, in some cases, have not contributed to the “popularity”, in a positive sense, of this particular tax, which is still struggling to be “accepted” by the Italian population who has always shown a certain ostracism.

The reasons are related to the very nature of the tax (which is such and not a fee), both because it is not calculated on the basis of the user but simply taking into account the presence of ‘a device capable of displaying audiovisual signals in a generic way, and in relation to the amount.

RAI license, absurd news for everyone: here’s how much you’ll pay

Indeed, the Rai fee costs 90 euros per year, a figure that since 2016 is paid “automatically” with the electricity bill, in 10 installments of 9 euros each, and the choice to associate it with the supply of electricity it’s imposed. the direct consequence of a deep shortfall in the coffers of the State: being a real tax, the choice decided by the government has in fact made the tax even less appreciated by the population.

Over the years rumors they feared the hypothesis of a return to the usual bulletin of the Rai fee, or even a total abolition, even if the CEO of Rai Carlo Fuortes pointed out that the amount requested for citizenship is among the lowest in Europe (in France seems to be almost double), and which is still taxed at almost 20% by the State.

Almost certainly from 2023 the Royalty will undergo a new modification, to align itself with European regulations which do not provide for the association of the television tax in the bill, but it will probably return to the postal bulletin, with the possibility of pay through other telematic systems, with tighter controls and possible sanctions in the event of non-payment. There is still no official communication from the executive on this subject, but in view of the words of the CEO of Rai, an increase, even significant, of the annual amount is absolutely not excluded.

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