Watch out for deadlines

A request for a waiver of the Rai license fee for 2022 must meet specific deadlines. The risk is paying the subscription and losing a lot of money.

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to get Exemption from payment of license fees An alternative ad must be submitted. In this way, it will be possible to certify that there is no television in the house while there is an electrical installation. The Revenue Agency assumes that each household has at least one audiovisual device and is therefore included In the electricity bill, the amount of the subscription TV unless you sent a connection earlier. However, pay attention to the statement Valid for one year Thus, it will have to be redirected again in 2022 or else you risk paying the subscription even if there are no televisions in the house.

Rai 2022 fee exemption request schedule

Citizens who do not have a television will have to send an alternative declaration to the tax authorities via January 31, 2022. By returning to the deadlines, you will be able to take full advantage of the ease, because every twelve months the new Year. If you pass this date but can send the declaration to the Revenue Agency by June 30, 2022 It will also be possible to benefit from the exemption from the payment of Rai license fees but only for Chapter II of the year.

How to redirect

It’s good to know right away how to submit the alternative ad so you don’t miss out on an opportunity and a lot of money. The most practical method is telematics by access To the portal of the tax agency and enter the designated section. We remind you that access to the site is only possible if you have a digital identity in the form of SPID, electronic identity card or service card.

Alternatively, you can ask for help from Qualified brokers to complete the procedure. The third option to consider is therefore Mailing From paper format to acknowledgment of receipt by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Finally, we remind you that to obtain the exemption from the Rai 2022 fee, it is possible to send documents via PECOnly certified email if you have a digital signature.

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Others are exempt from paying

Let’s end with a list of all those who exempt From the payment of the license fee for the Rai, as well as for those who do not have a TV. The list includes citizens over the age of 75 years old and an income of less than 8 thousand eurosSoldiers of the Italian Armed Forces, diplomatic and consular agents, foreign NATO soldiers and Retailers and traders Who repairs televisions.

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