Check out Chris Farley’s brother who talks about the SNL icon in a stand-up performance

SNL icon Chris Farley, known for his exuberant comedy, is one of the most beloved actors in the sketch series and a beloved comedic actor in general. He wasn’t the only comedian in the family, however, his brother Kevin Farley is also quite well known in the industry. The younger brother of Tommy boy The actor recently performed a stand-up routine with jokes related to his late brother, and it’s a hilarious take on life from his own perspective.

In a clip for a new Dry Bar Comedy special, Kevin Farley spoke about how weird it is to have such a famous brother and even touched on what it was like to go to the buffet with the family. (Spoilers: It’s neither calm nor extremely classy.) It’s a touching performance that shows Farley will still think of his late brother to some extent, but still has a lot of comedy, because it’s something something this family is good at. Find out below!

This clip is both a fun and heartfelt moment. Despite all the weight-related jokes and the concept of being a famous person’s brother, you can see how much his brother misses Kevin Farley. But the upside is that he has all of these great family memories that he can share with the world, albeit with the hyperbolic approach of a comedian.

With the 25th anniversary of Chris Farley’s death approaching next year, his brother isn’t the only one to speak up for him recently. In September 2021, Kenan Thompson explained what it was like to work with the SNL icon from Nickelodeon’s own comedy sketch series, All that, in 1997. The appearance marked one of Farley’s last television appearances before his death, and Thompson recalled that the special experience was “one of the happiest days” he had ever seen.

Chris Farley was on Saturday Night Live from 1990 to 1995 for 100 episodes, becoming a staple of the series and other projects throughout the series. Madison native, WI died of an accidental drug overdose at the age of 33, definitely leaving a hole in the world of comedy and on SNL.

While it’s hard to believe that Chris Farley has been gone for almost 25 years, knowing that Kevin Farley and the late actor’s many famous friends are here with memories to share, it is all the more bearable to be left. to occupy. Although even without young Farley, the legacy of comedy on Saturday Night Live will live forever, and every now and then an artist from the series pays homage to the icon.

Hopefully Kevin Farley will continue to tell stories about his big brother to keep the memory of the comedian who left too soon alive. You can see his full performance on the Dry Bar Comedy website now, including his stories about the end. SNL Star!

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