ABC-owned TV channels announce “Being Blago” docuseries to be released on Hulu on November 5th

ABC-owned TV channels announce exclusive streaming docuseries, Being Blago, which features over 100 hours of stock footage to give unprecedented access to the story of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, who was convicted of conspiring to sell a seat at the Senate.

What is happening:

  • ABC Detained TV stations announced they were producing exclusive streaming docuseries, Being Blago, about former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, whose first Hulu, Friday November 5, 2021. The four-part docuseries are a story about Blagojevich’s life after prison – his journey, his goal, his loss of power, his search for redemption and whether he plans to return to politics.
  • The limited series features over 20 years and over 100 hours of stock footage and four months of exclusive access to the daily life of Blagojevich after his release from prison. Exclusive access is unprecedented and raw. In his own words, Blagojevich says, “I’m breaking a rule – don’t let the media get into the house.
  • The two-time-elected former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich (2002-2009) was a force to be reckoned with – a valued politician and to whom the voters he served on a daily basis. He was married to a powerful political family, and by the early 2000s his rise to the top of American politics seemed inevitable. It all fell apart when he was accused of conspiring to sell Barack Obama’s Senate seat when he became president. Blagojevich was impeached and later sentenced to 14 years – the second longest sentence ever handed down by a Chicago federal court for a public corruption case. In 2020, his 14-year sentence was commuted by then-President Trump, and he was released from a Colorado federal prison.
  • Most of the archive footage comes from 20 years of ABC-owned WLS-TV Chicago after Blagojevich’s career and downfall, which included reporting from WLS chief investigative reporter Chuck Goudie.
  • Being Blago is directed and produced by Justin Allen and Matt Knutson, and Barb Markoff as lead producer.
  • ABC-owned television stations continue to prioritize the production of high-impact streaming content, outside of the daily news cycle, for its connected television applications and, in the case of Being Blago, specifically for OTT and direct-to-consumer streaming platforms like Hulu.

Being Blago episodes:

  • Episode 1: “I Want You To Run” follows Blagojevich’s rise to governor and the events leading up to the FBI investigation allegedly sparked by his stepfather, who was a city councilor. Episode 1 shows Rod struggling with how to regain his relevance after probation.
  • Episode 2: “All Falls Down” focuses on the moment when Blagojevich’s life was crumbling around him. He is indicted, arraigned and sentenced while becoming a national punchline. Fast forward to 2021, Blagojevich finds himself gaining public support and attention, despite his wife, Patti, making it clear (once again) that if he runs for office, she is absent.
  • Episode Three: “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow” opens with Blagojevich recounting his last moments at home before jail while following the journey of his wife, Patti, as she becomes a single mother and realizes that she can live without him. Ahead of 2021, Blagojevich is gearing up for a great performance and sharing more of his current daily life.
  • Episode Four: “Rod Against Everyone” – The series ends with Blagojevich facing an uncertain future at home and in the public eye.

What they say :

  • Justin Allen, Co-Executive Producer and Director, and Senior Coordinating Producer, Content Development for ABC-owned TV stations: “While Rod Blagojevich’s story has local appeal in Chicago, the overall journey, including his fall and his release from prison, has broad national appeal. As we consider premium content with appeal to a larger audience, it was obvious for ABC-owned TV stations to produce Rod’s story and distribute it nationally on Hulu.
  • Matt Knutson, Director of Content Innovation at WLS, and Co-Executive Producer and Director: “WLS is no stranger to Rod and has long covered his journey. However, Being Blago is not a report. It’s a very raw look at a man trying to change his past and forge a new, meaningful and unspoiled legacy for himself. Being Blago reminds viewers of what happened through a visual timeline of events while simultaneously following Rod into his next chapter.

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