5 WWE TV Shows Canceled


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WWE has a number of TV shows that have been canceled for various reasons. Let’s watch five WWE shows that you will probably remember.

WWE Saturday Morning Slam

I’ve always thought the Saturday morning boulder was perfect for wrestling, but WWE took the ‘meet the kids’ approach and ran with it. TV-G rated, WWE Slam removed the blows and drops to the head and neck.

The result was a very bland and not very exciting product and a show that hadn’t even been around for a while. Apparently WWE and Saban — yes, Power rangers-Saban — couldn’t agree on the creative direction of the show.

Where could they have gone with WWE Slam is a guess.

The madness of the WWF

To stay in the routine of Saturday morning, The madness of the WWF was a recap show that featured an exclusive match. Not only that, but fans could call. It took place from 1993 to 1995 and was essentially WWF LiveWire before this show debuted.

It’s an interesting show because it just got deleted instead of failing and being cut.

WWF Super Astros

Another show that was interrupted was WWF Super Astros. This show took place in markets with high Latino demographics and featured luchadors. If you remember Max Mini and other luchadors who were in WWF in the early 90s, Super Astros is the main reason they were there.

The best way to explain it is that 1993 BELIEVED with the luchadors as the main talent in the ring.

WWE Slam City

WWE’s second cartoon was the one that wasn’t going to last. WWE Slam City was mixed with NickToons as two-minute shorts. Personally, I liked Slam city and it probably should have been just a show on The Network with longer episodes.


The revival of Extreme Championship Wrestling as a brand of WWE was interesting at first. WWE brought in originals, mixed them with their own superstars, and created this very improvised brand that obviously wasn’t on par with RAW and SmackDown.

ECW became a TV staple early on, but lasted longer than I expected. This show was doomed to failure as the ECW concept was finished in the early 2000s.

As for ECW, very little of note came out of it outside of some exciting games at the start and the title reigns supreme for the guys the company was striving to put in the world title photo.

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