Why fans can’t stand Amy Roloff

Amy Roloff has performed on TLC for over 10 years, but that doesn’t mean she’s a fan favorite. Here are a few reasons why LPBW fans dislike Amy.

Amy Roloff has been a key figure in Small people, big world, but TLC viewers aren’t impressed with how Amy is handling her relationship with ex-husband Matt Roloff and their four children. After 22 full seasons and 16 years on TV, the Roloff kids, Zach, Jeremy, Molly and Jacob, have all grown up with partners and kids. Also, Amy, who once co-owned the Roloff Farm in Oregon, is no longer legally entitled to the Pumpkin Patch success.

After nearly 30 years of marriage, Amy and Matt divorced in 2016, and as part of the divorce settlement, Matt bought Amy back from the farm. As Amy’s split with Matt has changed Small people, big world for good, the two exes quickly found love with other partners. Matt and Caryn Chandler, who met over a decade ago when Caryn started working on the farm, have been together since early 2017. Amy, meanwhile, married Chris Marek in August 2021 after a two-year engagement. year.


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Although Small people, big world would be incomplete without Amy as the Roloff matriarch, that doesn’t mean the 57-year-old is viewers’ cup of tea. In fact, fans don’t like Amy. Below are some of the top reasons why TLC fans don’t consider Amy their favorite member of the Roloff family.

Fans think Amy came out of her divorce too soon

Amy and Matt Roloff Little People Big World

Although Amy and Matt filed for divorce in 2015, the former couple expressed their desire to go their separate ways publicly as early as 2014. While some believe Matt and Caryn hung around Amy and the kids’ backs, that doesn’t mean that ‘Amy is faultless. Many believe that before marrying Chris, Amy not only gave herself enough time to grow as a single woman and still hung up on her divorce. . “I keep feeling like Amy is only marrying Chris because she wants to get married.“, u/honestyp wrote just before Amy remarried. u/agnusdei07 was a Redditor who agreed with the comment, adding: “I wish [Amy] learned to deal with” with his apparent resentment towards Matt and Caryn “before becoming attached to another person.

Fans believe Amy prefers the twins to Molly and Jacob

While Zach inherited Amy’s form of dwarfism (achondroplasia), his twins Jeremy, Molly and Jacob do not have the disease and are of average height. While Zach is the only Roloff child still featured on Small people, big world, fans have consistently accused Amy of favoring Zach and Jeremy over Molly and Jacob since the early seasons. Thinking back to Roloff’s early years on TLC, u/confusedjob22 commented that Amy, who inspired fan, “was 100% invested in the twins, 25% in Molly and about 5% in Jacob.” u/PhantomOfTheFarm okay in another thread, commenting, “Jacob and Molly were undeniably overlooked and ignored throughout their formative years. There’s a reason the show focuses on the twins, and it’s because Amy focuses on the twins as well.”

Fans describe Amy as a disorganized overprotective

From Amy’s messy house to her passive-aggressive banter, Small people, big world fans are ultimately put off by Amy’s personality. Although viewers recognize that Matt has his own set of problematic behaviors, TLC fans blame Amy for coddling Zach and Jeremy while quickly losing his temper when things don’t go his way. u/confusedjob22 commented, “[Amy’s] very strict and stern in front of the camera, but the kids are mostly out of control and do whatever they want no matter what.” while u/poochie47 abstract, “Allowing children and allowing them to grow up without any sense of responsibility means bad parenting.“Despite the backlash from fans towards Amy, Matt’s ex-wife isn’t planning on going anywhere, especially as the Roloffs continue to bicker over the future of the farm in Season 23.

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Small people, big world airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.

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