TV license, we must hurry to request the exemption: that’s why

TV charges are now a tax included in the electricity bill. You can request a payment waiver. But we have to hurry.

Rai license fee, waiver (photo source: Adobe Stock)

The rules for receiving the TV license are clear. The one who is in owning a television. Or for register family. Family members are expected to reside in the same household. This is a practically compulsory fee and is included in the electricity bill bill. What has been happening since 2016.

Also for next year, the amount will be 90 euros spread over 10 months. If, on the other hand, a subject does not have an electricity contract, he will be able to pay the fee via F24. However, for some there may be exemption but times are pressed and the request must be made as soon as possible.

In fact, the Revenue Agency from time to time January 31 of the year reference to submit the request. Obviously, the exemption applies to those who do not have a television. Although the limit is in January, it is best to apply first. Indeed, the electricity operators invoice the first installment of the rent from January. Anticipate the times, you would have the option of not having the rent in the January bill. Let’s see how to apply.

TV tax, how to apply for an exemption

After understanding who should request an exemption. Let’s go see the different routes that we can take. As one can imagine, the routes are varied and range from digital to the physicist. Here are the solutions.

  • The easiest way is that telematics. Thanks to the website of the Revenue Agency, it is possible to do everything quickly. Speed ​​which increases if you have the SPID;
  • The alternative is paper. The form must be accompanied by a copy of the identity document. Everything is sent registered mail without envelope at the Turin Revenue Agency office 1, TV SAT subscription desk – Post office 22 – 10121 Turin; or with PEC certified email [email protected]
  • Ultimately, it is possible to rely on a authorized intermediary. It can be the accountant like the CAF. Of course, the intermediary can charge a price for the service.

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A separate discussion is for the over 75 years old. Seniors who have reached this age at January 31, 2022 and who have an income of maximum 8,000 eurosor are exempt. The exemption is effected via substitute statement in which these requirements are demonstrated. This is not valid if the device is located in a place other than that of residence. A precision provided by Consumer and User Protection Center of Bolzano is that of do not renew, in this case, the declaration every year. You should only do this if you no longer have the exemption criteria. In this case, you need the change in assumptions statement.

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