The Goldbergs Stand-In by Jeff Garlin, CGI raises eyebrows on Twitter

Garlin reportedly stopped filming the ABC sitcom after several HR complaints were filed against him. Still, Garlin’s replacement is causing a stir on social media.

There’s not much excitement to dampen for the current season of “The Goldbergs.”

Following toxic work allegations and HR complaints against star Jeff Garlin, “The Goldbergs” appears to have opted to use a replacement for Garlin’s character. However, longtime fans bemoan post-production’s poor attempts to smooth out the behind-the-scenes drama. See an excerpt below.

With those episodes now airing, fans have taken to social media to criticize the lack of rigor in the special effects, particularly regarding a Goldberg family wedding scene in Season 9 Episode 15.

“They should either cancel ‘The Goldbergs’ or kill Jeff Garlin’s character because the workarounds they’ve been using this season aren’t working,” said journalist Noel Murray. tweeted.

Review Alison Willmore commented“It’s so cursed, and I’ve watched it three times now.”

Garlin insisted on vanity lounge in a Dec. 3 report that he was not “fired from ‘The Goldbergs'” despite an ongoing three-year human resources investigation involving accusations of demeaning behavior in the workplace, particularly towards employees. women.

Variety reported in December 2021 that Garlin would not be filming any new episodes of “The Goldbergs” for season 9, and his replacement would be filming neck down and back. Additionally, Garlin’s head has previously been “superimposed over the other man’s body” for promotional material.

Variety said Garlin may continue to appear throughout the rest of the season by “using off-camera dialogue from previous episodes and unused takes, as well as previously shot footage of Garlin.” Of note, Garlin would continue to be paid per episode appearance.

Explanatory articles titled “Why Jeff Garlin Looks Weird in ‘The Goldbergs’‘?” and “Jeff Garlin’s CGI presence on ‘The Goldbergs’ is the stuff of nightmaresalso circulated.

A Sony representative had no comment. ABC did not respond to a request for comment, nor did representatives for Garlin, at the time of publication.

Regarding the “unsafe workplace” allegations, Garlin told Vanity Fair, in his only public acknowledgment of the allegations, “My opinion is that I have my process on how funny I am, in terms of scene and what I should do. They believe this makes it a “dangerous” workspace. Now watch out, my stupidity creates a dangerous workspace – I don’t understand how it is. And I’m on a comedy show. I am always a kind and caring person. I make mistakes, that’s for sure. But my acting is all about relieving people’s pain. Why would I want to cause someone pain for a laugh? It’s bullying. It is simply unjustified.

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