The driver was ordered to remove the “FART” license plate from the truck

Karly Sindy’s “FART” license plate. (Credit: Karly Sindy)

A woman who made national headlines for her unusual “FART” license plate says the North Carolina DMV ordered her to remove the plate from her truck.

Karly Sindy, 37, of Asheville, North Carolina, told FOX television stations that the DMV allowed him to at least keep the plaque in his possession after he used the word as an acronym for his newly launched club.

“I’m disappointed that I can’t keep the plate on my truck, but I’m glad the DMV is letting me keep the plate in my possession which I will be using on official FART club business,” Sindy told TV stations. FOX.

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Sindy had applied for her license plate last October and received it in November.

“I was re-registering my truck online and it had the ability to customize my plate, so on a whim I tried FART,” Sindy previously told FOX TV stations. “I was excited and surprised he was available.”

The DMV later informed her that someone had complained about her vanity license plate and asked her why she chose the word.

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Sindy then got smart, turning the word into an acronym, “FART”

“After receiving the letter, I took to Reddit at r/Asheville to ask for help in responding to the letter,” she continued. “Someone suggested to Friends of Asheville Recreational Trails and creating a website.”

“I loved the idea because I love hiking, biking and spending time outdoors,” she added.

Sindy launched a website and even organized a group hike. She also informed the DMV about her new club.

“FART may not have started representing Asheville Recreational Trail Friends, but it certainly does now!” she explained.

Sindy has even made stickers and shirts from designs suggested by her band members and will donate proceeds to a local charity.

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She said that since launching her group, she has organized two hikes.

“We had fun chatting, hiking and hanging out,” she said. “I feel like we all really needed a laugh right now and I hope to continue spreading joy with the FART club.”

This story was reported from Los Angeles.

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