Fox and Nexstar Media TV stations bring digital broadcasting technology to LA

Fox Television Stations and Nexstar Media Group Inc. have brought new digital broadcasting technology to Los Angeles, the second largest television market in the United States.

Calling it “groundbreaking,” the companies announced on Dec. 16 the launch of Nextgen TV on KTTV-TV (FOX 11), KCOP-TV (My13), and KTLA-TV (KTLA 5). The free technology service gives viewers enhanced sound and video, additional news and entertainment choices, and a platform to add interactive apps in the future. The three local channels are the first to enhance their broadcasts with this technology, although the features available will vary by device and broadcaster as the commercial service becomes more widely available.

According to Nexstar, data provided by Nextgen TV has potential uses to support new businesses in e-learning, automotive for connected cars, digital signage, education and distance learning, global positioning, public safety for emergency and other alerts, telemedicine and more. .

The company describes its technology as “future-proof”, with the ability to improve and receive updates as it not only expands into new markets, but also as ‘it’s increasing its tech offerings.

Nextgen technology is already incorporated into the hardware of TVs manufactured by LG Corporation, Samsung Electronics Co. and Sony Group Corporation.

Chantilly, Va.-based management consulting firm BIA Advisory Services recently released a report predicting that streaming data services will account for nearly 22% of total streamer revenue by 2030 and could generate up to $15 billion in additional revenue during this period. By comparison, the company calculated that over-the-air TV ad revenue would grow much more modestly, from $19.85 billion in 2022 to just $20.13 billion over the same period.

Nexstar owns 197 television stations across the United States and is the largest station owner in the country.

“Launching Nextgen TV in the nation’s second largest market will provide a variety of immediate benefits to our Los Angeles area viewers and KTLA 5,” said Brett Jenkins, executive vice president and chief technology officer. at Nexstar. “The brilliant video and dynamic audio delivered by Nextgen TV will be immediate and perceptible to our viewers.”

The addition of Los Angeles stations brings the number of cities in which it can be used to 40.

“LA is America’s largest market for streaming Nextgen TV,” Bill Lamb, senior vice president and general manager of KTTV-TV and KCOP-TV, said in a statement. “Fox is proud to lead this effort and deliver the absolute best immersive experience with this cutting-edge broadcast technology to our viewers and advertising clients.”

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