Halo setting potentially spoils Spartans’ last stand

Considering Halo’s place in the franchise timeline and one of its main settings, the TV series seems headed for a huge event.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Halo Season 1, Episode 1, “Contact,” streaming now on Paramount+.

Live action Halo The series is finally here, bringing the heroic Master Chief and his sci-fi conflict against the alien Covenant to television. However, instead of simply adapting the source material from the video game, the show follows Master Chief at a pivotal moment in the franchise’s continuity relatively unseen in games. And given the time period and main location presented at the start of the series, Halo The big climax of Season 1 can be telegraphed for those familiar with the franchise’s overall timeline, as depicted in the games and ancillary material.

Halo begins in the year 2552, with humanity caught in the middle of a bloody civil war as an insurgency battles against the authority of the United Nations Space Council (UNSC). In response, the UNSC sends in the Spartans: genetically engineered super-soldiers featured in the teaser who have been raised from childhood to become the ultimate elite force. As the Spartans arrive at a remote insurgent colony on the planet Madrigal, they find the colony all but wiped out by the Covenant.

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Master Chief leads his Spartan comrades in the Halo live broadcast

As of the pilot episode, there is a passing familiarity between humanity and the Covenant, but the two factions are not yet fully involved in the all-out cosmic conflict. Humanity still regards planet Reach as one of its forward colonies, with the planet enjoying a major UNSC presence as it faces insurgency along this final frontier. But with the Covenant becoming bolder and more vicious in their attacks – as seen in the full trailer – that distinction is about to change irrevocably.

Halo fans who are also familiar with the game’s canon know that the Covenant’s attack on Reach marks a turning point in the war between humanity and its alien aggressors. Many of Master Chief’s Spartan counterparts will make their heroic last stand against the Covenant invasion of Reach, sacrificing themselves so humanity can regroup and continue the fight for survival elsewhere. More tellingly, the fall of Reach occurs in the year 2552…suggesting that the Covenant assault is, at most, months away from being carried out.

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There are several familiar faces on Reach in the TV series, unaware of the upcoming Covenant attack. Chief among them is Dr. Catherine Halsey, who personally oversees the Spartan program — and conducts illegal cloning experiments, serving as the basis for the artificial intelligence known as Cortana (which has been redesigned for the episode). Halsey was on Reach at the time of her fall, seeking refuge after the planet was attacked. Two other fan favorites Halo the characters introduced in the series premiere are Jacob Keyes and his daughter Miranda, both high-ranking officers within the UNSC. During the fall of Reach, Jacob and Master Chief will lure the Covenant forces away from Earth into their ship The Pillar of Autumn while Miranda will return to Earth, setting up her introduction at the start of the game Halo 2.

At the start of the Halo television series, the UNSC is the undisputed dominant force in the face of the insurgency to reassert its authority on the frontier of colonized space. The Covenant was established as a hostile force with their own advanced weaponry and technology, but Reach remains a safe haven for humanity at this point in the timeline. However, with a strange relic acquired by Master Chief on Madrigal being of great importance to the Covenant, these border skirmishes are likely to explode into a war between the two factions and one that will bring the UNSC back to Earth in the face of a fury. implacable. . Still, gamers have almost certainly figured this out already.

Developed for TV by Kyle Killen and Steven Kane, Halo releases new episodes Thursdays on Paramount+.

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