Dallas Police want to revoke SOB license from Xposed Adult Theater and Megastore

The City of Dallas is still working through the courts to shut down sex-oriented businesses (SOBs), such as strip clubs and adult movie theaters, from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m., but police are moving away. is already preparing to revoke Xposed Adult Theater’s license. and Megastore.

The city claims there is more violent crime near these businesses in the early morning, so that’s when they should be forced to close. The restrictions were unanimously approved by Dallas City Council members in January and hours later they had a lawsuit underway.

The lawsuit was filed by the Dallas Association of Club Executives, which claimed the new restrictions were content-based. The judge handling the case asked the city and the Dallas Police Department for more data to support their decision to close businesses from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m.

In court, lawyers for the companies said the DPD data did not paint a full picture of violent crime during this period. For example, police did not include violent crime statistics for other businesses that operate in the same areas and during the same early morning hours, according to the WFAA. These could include convenience stores, 24-hour fast food outlets, and motels.

But city attorneys have asked DPD officers to appear and testify about violent crimes that took place at some of those businesses. The judge has yet to issue a decision, so the SOBs were able to continue operating early in the morning. The city is expected to finish pleading in court on March 23, when the judge could make a decision.

Roger Albright, an attorney representing the Dallas Association of Club Executives, warned city officials that the companies would sue if they approved the new restrictions. He also told them that if the city is trying to tackle bad apples in the industry, it already has ways to do it.

There are state and local nuisance laws that the city can use. They can also try to revoke the licenses of businesses they believe condone crime.

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia, who supports the new hours, said those other processes are taking too long.

But that didn’t stop his department from using them. At an upcoming meeting of the Permits and Licenses Appeals Board, DPD will argue that Xposed Adult Theater and Megastore should have their sex trade license revoked, claiming that they “knowingly authorized the possession, use or sale of controlled substances on the premises”.

The attorney representing Xposed at the upcoming hearing was unavailable for comment. But when we called the place Friday afternoon, the assistant manager Johnny Dre Birdow picked up and was happy to talk.

“At Xposed, we sell movies. We sell sex toys. You can buy bongs for smoking,” Birdow said. “Now we have an arcade.”

In the arcade, people can enter private lounges equipped with televisions, lock the door behind them, and pay to watch whatever they want. They also have a movie theater.

“They’re going to shut them down. It’s Dallas, dog. If this was New York, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. Johnny Dre Birdow, Xposed Adult Theater and Megastore

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He’s been working at Xposed on and off since 2012. It’s open 24/7. Business was slow when we spoke: They get most of their action at night, he said. “Right now there are not 10 people here,” he said. “A lot of people want to do things in the dark.”

He said it was safe for the most part, but they had their incidents. Birdow tries to keep a watchful eye. People might pass by trying to rip someone off or sell drugs in the parking lot, he explained. “You have to be on the lookout for everything,” he says. “You are dealing with the street.”

But you can’t capture everything. “There was a shooting,” he said. “There was a stab wound.”

As we were talking, Birdow stopped to address another employee who was showing him stuff on his phone. “Look at her. Is that Taylor? She’s amazing,” Birdow told the other employee before continuing the interview.

Other times he may suspect that something illegal is going on, but it’s too dangerous for him to intervene. If he thinks someone is selling drugs in the parking lot, for example, he said he might be safe to assume the dealer has a lot of cash on them. To protect that money, they might even have a gun, and Bidow doesn’t try to get shot.

He might try calling the police from time to time, but he says they often come too late.

However, Birdow said the business has come under more scrutiny from cops since a shooting took place there about a month ago. After the shooting, cops raided Xposed and claimed to have found people doing drugs inside, Birdow said. The police have returned to Xposed a few times since then, and now they are trying to revoke their license.

They will fight to revoke the license at a meeting of the Permits and Licenses Appeal Board on April 7. Regardless of the outcome of that hearing, Birdow believes the city will be successful in shutting down SOBs from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m.

“They’re going to shut them down. It’s Dallas, dog. If it was New York, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation,” Birdow said.

The early morning shutdown will be the beginning of the end for some of these businesses, he said. Still, he thinks Dallas will always have SOBs. Dallas officials want to promote the city, according to Birdow. “I’ll tell you what else comes with promoting the city: sex,” he said. “They know they can’t shut them all down. So what do you think they are doing? They select a few.

He added: “We are targeted.

Ultimately, he thinks the fanciest places will stay, while places like Xposed will close.

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