CNE: Not appropriate time for annual summit as neighbors grapple with tragedy

The Charlottesville Center for Nonprofit Excellence has postponed an annual summit scheduled for today in response to the tragic events at the University of Virginia.

“This tragedy, combined with the multiple deaths from gun violence in the Charlottesville area recently, has far-reaching and unknown effects on all of us. For our colleagues at the University and for many in the community, there is deep grief and a need for healing,” read a press release.

“The CNE remains very enthusiastic about the idea of Reinventing philanthropy for a healthier democracy program that we have drawn up, but feels that this is not the right time for such an event. This week, we stand with our neighbours, friends and community partners who are grappling with tragedy and grief, and with the people and organizations who are helping us heal.

“We are grateful to our sponsors, keynote speakers, The Wool Factory, and vendors who partner with us to create a reimagined Philanthropy Day Summit experience and are committed to bringing this community celebration of donation in early 2023.”

More details on the rescheduled event will be shared as they become available, according to CNE.

The Center for Nonprofit serves more than 350 nonprofit members.

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