Movies and TV Shows: All games, trailers and announcements are included in Disney Games Showcase

The Disney Games Showcase 2022 aired tonight; there was an event full of novelties, where games based on Mickey Mouse licenses and Marvel superheroes were presented. Here’s a quick recap of all the games, trailers, and announcements from the night.

The show kicked off with the announcement of T’n: Identity, a visual novel created by Bithell Games, author of Thomas Was Alone and Volume, in which the player takes on the role of Detective Query.

Then it was the turn of Disney’s Illusion Island, a new platform exclusively for Nintendo Switch featuring Mickey, Mickey, Donald and Goofy. The film franchise had its sights set on Marvel Midnight Suns, an announcement at Firaxis, which announced the release date and featured a new trailer.

We continue with the free-to-play video game Marvel Snap which finally has an official release date. Following the announcement of Gargoyles: Remastered, the new version of the platform released in 1995 on Sega Mega Drive and inspired by the Disney animated series.

Disney Speedstorm has returned with an updated trailer where we can admire the new scenes from the Disney animated event.

We also saw the first official trailer for the new Captain America and Black Panther game, developed for Skydance by Amy Henning. The video doesn’t show most of the reshoot’s details, but does confirm recent news that the film was set during World War II.

The show started with the announcement of Marvel World of Heroes, a new AR game developed by Niantic, the Pokemon GO studio, with the possibility of competing in the House of Ideas able to play.

What do you think, was there a particularly interesting announcement from the Disney Games Showcase?

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