Here’s where Guillermo and Nandor are at after season 4 of “WWDITS”

Season four of What we do in the shadows just went out with a fang.

Last night was the season finale of the FX comedy What we do in the shadowsand there’s a whole new status quo for Nandermo, our favorite gay vessel on TV.

Throughout the season, the relationship between Guillermo (Harvey Guillén) and Nandor (Kayvan Novak) has been strained, with Nandor using a Djinn to resurrect all of his dead wives (girls and men) and choose his favorite.

We also knew that Guillermo had his own boyfriend, Freddie, a man he met while in England. So, their relationship status has never been electric.

Then last week, it all came to a head when Nandor used another wish to turn Marwa into an exact copy of Freddie, which ultimately led to the real Freddie breaking up with Guillermo to go with his clone.

Now that Marwa is gone and Guillermo and Freddie are separated, Guillermo was trying to spend time with Nandor again and rekindle their friendship. But Nandor is in the mood to read and decides he wants to spend the “next 15-20 years” quietly reading books instead of talking to Guillermo. It’s back to square one.

In the final scene, we see a frustrated Guillermo saying that nothing changes in the house and nothing ever will – unless he does. So he takes the duffel bag of money he “earned” being the accountant at the vampire nightclub and goes to his friend Derek, the vampire who works at a convenience store, and hands him the money. .

“You’re going to make me a vampire,” he told Derek.

So where does that put our favorite couple? This could finally put them on an equal footing. If Derek really goes all the way and turns Guillermo around, it completely changes the dynamic of the show — and the relationship.

You can be sure that as soon as Guillermo becomes a vampire, he will be a thousand times better than Nandor, and Nandor will be forced to realize that he is far from deserving Guillermo.

Overall, this was the show’s best season. WWDITS continues to make more and more surprising decisions that take the show in wonderful new directions and keep us guessing.

We really don’t know when, or if, Guillermo and Nandor will reunite. But we do know that they’re both gay and they both have feelings for each other, which makes for absolutely great TV.

What we do in the shadows is stream on Hulu.

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