How to get a travel loan?

At other times, traveling was a very elite attitude and it required a good financial capacity so that the entire trip was paid off even before it happened. Currently, however, this has changed since there is a travel loan modality. Is your dream to know Europe? Or maybe explore Brazil? Whatever the destination you want to know, the travel loan is a viable option for you to realize your dreams. For this, learn how to get this loan, read our post:


How does the travel loan work?

travel loan work?

Adapting to the different needs of consumers, many institutions offer financing options for trips, ensuring that you can make your dream trip without having to pay everything in cash.

Usually this type of travel loan works to finance a percentage of the total value of the travel package and has a term that can reach up to 48 months, for example. The first payment can also be made, usually 15 to 90 days after taking out this type of loan.

It is important to note that, with exceptions, additional expenses such as expenses with possible purchases to be made at the desired destination are not included. Accommodation, on the other hand, maybe included in the package, as well as specific tours.


Where to get a travel loan?

flight loan

This type of loan is not available at all financial institutions and, therefore, you need to know where you can hire. Good Lenders, for example, offers loan options for leisure travel and also for exchanges and congress trips.
Sanbuwan, in turn, does not offer specific credit for travel, but it does have an exchange service for individuals. Lite Lending offers both a travel loan and a travel investment planner, while Cream Bank offers options for young people, business people and older people.


How to get a travel loan?

flight loan?

To get a travel loan you must start by choosing which financial institution to apply for and then get in touch. Some offer online simulations that serve as a proposal, as is the case with Good Lenders, and others require the request in person, as is the case with Lite Lending.
As for the documentation, it is usually necessary to present proof of hiring or commitment of the travel package in order to guarantee the amount that will be required for the investment. Personal documents, such as RG and CPF, are also necessary and through a credit analysis the financing is released so that you can make the trip of your dreams.


How to plan better with the loan?


While a travel loan is a good idea to dilute the impact of a more expensive trip, it is critical that you plan correctly to ensure that your dream trip does not turn into a monthly nightmare with the financing installments. So, before packing, try to get your financial situation in order so that you are able to effectively absorb the impact of this credit granting.

The travel loan is a great option for those who want to be able to visit new places, but do not have all the money in sight to make the payment at once. To obtain this loan, it is necessary to find a financial institution that offers this modality and, upon presentation of the desired package, submit your credit for analysis and possible approval. From then on, just pack your bags and have fun, but don’t forget that when you return to pay for that dream you will be waiting – so organization is essential.
Did you already know the travel loan? How do you organize yourself financially to discover new places? Comment and share your experience! 

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