10 steps to help you get out of debt

New year, new life: this one the desire of many people for 2017. With this, promises are born to exercise more, to change jobs and to catch up. If you is part of the group of Brazilians who started the new year full of doubts contracted in 2016, today’s post will go on. to help you. We have separated some tips to settle your accounts in the coming months and get out of debt in 2017. Continue reading!

1. Set goals

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First of all, define how much you want. want to save by month and when to pay your doubts . If you have a well-defined goal to pursue, have more motivation to pursue your goal.

2. Make a plan

Now that you j defined your goal, time to draw a strategy to achieve it. This one time to think about what points in your budget are you save , which accounts to cut and what paths you can take to get extra rents.

3. Cut non-essential expenses

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Is it necessary to review all your bills, coffee Cable TV. Are you are you indebted and, unfortunately, must be limited to essential expenses, such as basic bills and food.

4. Rethink your lifestyle

If your debt is big, will you Tue that make more dramatic cuts. time to think about selling your car and even even moving to a smaller apartment and saving rent. After all, it is no use cutting just the coffee: You need to revise your standard of living to fit your current income, so that you manage to have money to pay the previous debts without contracting new ones.

5. Involve your family

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Not ahead of you. cut spending if other members of the family continue to push the credit card limit. Everyone needs to engage to achieve the goal of getting out of doubt! Talk openly with your family and share our tips with them.

6. Use financial spreadsheets

To be able to follow your plan, it is essential that you have complete control of your budget. To do this, create a financial spreadsheet to find out exactly how much money you have. have, how much and where are you spent and, at the end of the month, how much is left or left.

7. Negotiate your debts

7. Negotiate your debts

Banks often give discounts to debtors who wish to pay their bill. Try to negotiate and minimize your debt.

8. Get cheaper credit

There are lines of credit with much higher interest rates than others. The overdraft, for example, ended December 2016 at a rate of 314.51% per year, the highest j registered since March 1999. you can hire loans with better terms. Cream Lender recently launched or a loan platform where It is possible to hire offers from different places transparently. Are you learns the value of interest rates and installments in advance. With cash in hand, try to pay off debts with higher interest rates first.

9. Look for extra income

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Besides cutting expenses, another way to get out of debt increase your income. There are several alternatives to increase your income, such as producing something to sell and looking for work overtime, as an Uber driver.

10. Keep vigilant

If you to be able to implement all the previous steps and get out of debt, no more relaxing and spending again wildly! Continue with discipline and maintain constant control of your finances, planning your expenses to achieve each dream. See it The way to get rid of the accounts Difficult but, with our tips, it is possible to get out of doubt in 2017! And then, ready to put your hand in the dough Do you have any other suggestions or doubts about the subject

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